Why You Should Buy Petite’n Pretty Safe Makeup for Your Teenager

We can never deny the fact that technology has made a great impact on today’s generation of teens. Brought about by technology is the means of connecting to people from many parts of the globe through channels like social media applications. Apparently, this innovation has brought out some effects on today’s teen generation. One of the noticeable effects is having an image to keep especially on how they think they should look not only on their online accounts but also in their everyday lives. Because of this, the make-up industry has also developed tremendously over the past years. Girls wear make-up to enhance how they look and evidently to feel more confident in their everyday lives. What teenagers fail to understand is that make-ups can cause skin problems when it is not specifically formulated and made for their age range. Our skin’s most sensitive period is during the teenage years because of puberty. Studies have shown that girls as early as 11 years old are starting to use makeup on a regular basis.

Some makeups in the market are actually formulated with strong and harmful chemicals on them that can cause more skin problems when applied to your skin. Imagine what more to a teenage skin, which is considered sensitive because of the surging hormones during this period. The chemicals found in makeups can offset your body’s balance and can eventually lead to damaging effects with continued use. This is the reason why it is important to properly choose the right makeup that is free from all chemicals and can cater to your teen’s skin (Because common, teens wearing makeup is something we cannot prevent even if we wanted to).

The goal to create a top shelf, age-appropriate and paediatrician approved products made for small features and big imagination is what Petite’n Pretty lives up to. Petite’n Pretty produces the highest quality teen makeup. Looking your best while leaving your own sparkle wherever you go is the most important thing to bring out the most creative and confident selves. Petite’n Pretty acknowledges that play is still a huge part of learning, dreaming and becoming our best this is why they have devoted themselves to creating and producing teenage safe makeups to make sure that you will look and feel great without worrying about the negative effects of makeup in your teen skin.

Each product is carefully formulated to cater to your sensitive teen skin. Each product is proven safe, well tested and has passed the necessary requirements to get an A+ from parents and doctors. Petite’n Pretty’s have also taken into account some external factors such as nut allergies that are often set aside as a reason for skin breakouts because of the lack of awareness of nuts being added as an ingredient to some makeup products. Each product in Petite’n Pretty is formulated without nuts and nut proteins making it a safe choice not only with people allergic to nuts but to the general market itself. All Petite’n Pretty make is nut free makeup.

Petite’n Pretty makeup products are also Paraben and Phthalate Free staying true to their commitment to delivering chemical and preservative free products. All Petite’n Pretty makeup is paraben free makeup. Products that have Parabens and Phthalate can cause some harmful effects to the body when used for a long time, but no need to worry because Petite’n Pretty have completely banned the use of these chemicals in their products making it a safe choice for your teens. Ever heard of makeup being tested on some animals for study purposes? Well, sadly it happens amidst the rising awareness banning this procedure in the industry. Petite’n Pretty have fully committed to be Cruelty-Free in all their products and has never tested on animals and never will do.  

Post Author: Mari Snow

Mari Snow