What Top Fashion Jewelry Styles to Wear for 2020 Spring and Summer

As the seasons are getting a bit warmer in 2020, there are a few fashion jewelry styles that can bring extraordinary changes into your look and style for the year. Of course, we have researched fashion jewelry styles for 2020 spring and summer.

So, dedicate a few minutes to check them out below:

Shoes with jewelry

Decorating shoes with jewelry is not something that we witness every day. But there are indications that this fashion jewelry style will be one of the topmost wholesale fashion jewelry styles for 2020 spring and summer. A few models have shown us how great this style can be, so we are already looking forward to how wearing these shoes with jewelry in 2020 spring and summer.

If you like this style, you can check out some of the top fashion brands to see if they have something beautiful to offer. In case you do not have to money to spend on fashion jewelry style, you can simply add two similar chains to the straps of your shoes to pull off this style and keep yourself with the fashion.

One earring

During summer when people wear fewer clothes, wearing a piece of earring on only one ear without any on the other ear will be a top fashion jewelry style for 2020. Without a doubt, this style also goes well for spring, so we are going to be seeing a lot of this style next year. Choose any of the two ears and prettify it with dangling, geometric, pearl, or any other types of earrings. By visiting the adjacent wholesale earrings shops, you should easily obtain some fresh ideas about how to follow this high fashion style of one earring. However, if you are not bold enough to rock this fashion jewelry style, stick to the regular pair of earrings.

Modern pearl

Forget about those pearls you used to see in the jewelry box of your grandma; we now have modern pearls that are elegant and sophisticated. These modern pearls are simply outstanding. You can choose to use them as embellishment for sculptural or dangling earrings or simply let them be the only simple yet beautiful piece that forms the earring.

 Statement collars

Whether you like minimalist fashion style or you prefer the maximalist one, you can never go wrong with decking your look with statement collars. Based on your preference, this fashion jewelry style can be kept simple, sleek and subtle whereas you can choose a piece that makes the statement collar to be attention-grabbing. When you wear your open-chested outfit during the summer, add more aesthetics to your look with statement collars. They are also an excellent match for most spring wears.

Oversized links

The style is expected to take center stage as a top fashion jewelry style for 2020 summer and spring because of its recent appearances on the runways. We expect the oversized links will come majorly in the form of thick metals, but everyone should be on the lookout for other possible materials.

These fashion jewelry styles have caught the attention of many people already and they can’t wait to wear for 2020 spring and summer.

Post Author: Paul Petersen