What to Avoid When Maintaining Your Silk Fabric

Silk fabric is one of those few types of materials that is pure luxury. This is the primary reason why it is loved and mostly preferred by many people. The major challenge is that for it to always look attractive, it has to be properly maintained. This is a nightmare for most people as some don’t know how to maintain their silk fabric. Some may not even know it has to be maintained properly.


Are you among the people who are unaware ofhow to maintain silk fabric? Did you know that there is a right and wrong way to go about maintainingsilk? This is what this post is going to be helping you out with today. You are going to be discovering some of the techniquestoavoid toensure that your silk is well maintained.

Avoid Using Bleach

This is a major mistake that most people are guilty of.  Whenever you use bleach on silk material, the colour will be tampered with. It will only be a matter of time before you start seeing different colors on the surface of the material. In a nutshell, try as much as you can to abstain from making use of bleach as it is not suitable for silk materials. Use hand wash detergent which is often silk fabric friendly.

Don’t Use Harsh Detergents

There are some detergents which are not good for the maintenance of silk fabric. It is not recommended to use trial and error to pick a type of detergent as there are some that can harm this type of material. Research the best detergent for silk. Detergents which don’t care for silk can cause rips and holes as the fibres will become thin.

Always Hand Wash

One major feature that has made silkfabric to be so well known is the smoothness of its surface. You can’t maintain its smoothness by putting it in a washing machine as it will get rough; shortening its lifespan. The best way is to use your hands. It is not stressful as stains can be easily removed within a few minutes of proper washing with your hands.

In conclusion of the above, it can be seen that the proper maintaining of silk fabric goes beyond using any kind of washing material or technique that you know.

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Post Author: Regina Gibson

Regina Gibson