What is the Meaning of Each Finger for Rings

Fingers are not just for wearing rings that other people admire, it is also a symbol that carries a certain kind of message about your like about your relationship status, personality and other factors. These assumptions and messages come out of various cultural beliefs that are embedded in history and hence it becomes important to understand what kind of message you are giving out.

All ten fingers put out a separate message and we have put together the meaning of each finger for you so as for you to better understand what kind of message you are putting out.

  • Left pinky finger – this finger symbolizes a lot of things like mafia connections or organized crime and marital status. It is no more considered a sign of marital status but did so back in the 19th and the early 20th
  • Left ring finger – in a lot of cultures, and now accepted all over the world, a ring on this finger indicates marital status, betrothal, romantic promise and chastity. All these four revolve around the relationship status of a person and what they choose to do with it. However, a lot of people nowadays wear their engagement ring as a pendant in case their work involves physical labour and getting their hands dirty.
  • Left middle finger – there is no statement that is given out by wearing a ring on this finger. However, since this is the longest finger on the hand, wearing a ring on it like the one of the latest diamond ring designs, it can symbolize power and responsibility. It also helps you show off a ringer that you have recently purchased and want to flaunt!
  • Left index finger – this does not again symbolize anything however it is a good finger to show off an important ring. A ring on this finger is surely to get noticed and so you may want to wear your cocktail ring or your favourite ring on this finger!
  • Left thumb – this again does not give out a message about any aspect of your life but is another good place to make a fashion statement. A chunky statement ring works best for this and will also get a lot of people to take notice.
  • Right thumb – this is again similar to the left thumb and does not give out any message about any aspect of your life. Wear your favourite statement rings on this finger and watch compliments flow your way!
  • Right index finger – in certain cultures like for the Jewish, a ring on this finger symbolizes marriage. Usually a plain gold band is worn on this finger. Some brides choose to move the ring from the right to the left finger after the ceremony is over, but some choose to keep it on their right finger itself.
  • Right middle finger – this finger is also open to interpretation and does not really have a set meaning that it conveys. You can choose to wear any ring that you want on this and make a statement with it just like for the left middle finger.
  • Right ring finger – there are certain countries in the world, where the right ring finger symbolizes marriage and engagement. It is similar to the left ring finger and a lot of couples wear their wedding ring on this finger.
  • Right pinky finger – a ring on this finger sometimes symbolises professional status. It can also means graduating in a certain field of studies in some culture. Simple rings or bands that are made of steel, iron, gold or silver are worn here.

Post Author: Clare Louise