Well-Suited: 7 Must-Have Accessories for Any Groom

While the bride-to-be might plan most details of the wedding, there are certain things the groom has control over. The first is the vow. The second, and perhaps just as important as the first, is looking like the prince of her dreams on the big day.

Looking like a prince on the big day is about more than having the perfect custom made wedding suit. A groom’s style decisions extend beyond just wearing a bespoke suit. Accessories also play a crucial role in pulling together an unforgettable look.

From cufflinks and pocket squares to the right pair of shoes, the following article highlights the seven best groom accessories for every personality, as curated by one of North America’s most in-demand clothiers.

1.    The Tie

One of the key touches every groom must have is the all-important tie.

Luckily, today’s groom is spoiled for choice when it comes to enhancing his outfit with a tie. Popular options include silk or wool, the classic black necktie, or a tie color-coordinated to the wedding’s theme.

Bow ties are also becoming more popular and a great alternative to the traditional necktie. Previously reserved for black-tie affairs, modern bow ties come in a variety of colors, patterns, and fabrics. Be sure to get a self-tie bow tie for some cool style points.

2.    Cufflinks

Few accessories can elevate a groom’s suit like cufflinks. A crisp white shirt and wedding suit finished with the perfect pair of cufflinks is understatedly sophisticated and can make any groom look sharp.

The best thing about accessorizing with cufflinks is that there are millions of styles to choose from.

To ensure you select the right set, match your cufflinks to reflect your personality and style sense. They should also match the level of formality of the wedding to avoid becoming a distraction and appearing out of place.

3.    Pocket squares

The perfect finishing touches to any wedding suit, pocket squares allow you to add a subtle wedding-day statement and a pop of color. There are plenty of prints and colors to choose from, giving you opportunities to get creative.

The only hard-and-fast rule to remember about pocket squares is that it should contrast with the color of your necktie.

4.    Belt

Despite belts being a daily wardrobe staple, during formal settings like your wedding, they’re more optional than necessary. In black tie weddings where you’re suited up in a tuxedo, a belt is a no-go. A cummerbund should be the preferred aesthetic accessory on such occasions.

To belt or not to belt all comes down to personal preference. If you opt out of wearing a belt, suspenders are a great alternative that adds a little sophistication and old-school flair.

If you wear a belt, just remember to avoid some fashion faux pas. Your belt should match the color of your wedding shoes, and never wear suspenders with a belt. It’s one or the other, never both.

5.    Socks

Socks are so straightforward that few grooms realize that they’re a great way to inject personality and creative fun into their outfit. And with so many unique and cool styles available today, there are limitless ways you can personalize your socks to create a distinguished look.

Just avoid pairing white socks with black shoes. This is a fashion cardinal sin that can never be forgiven.

6.    Shoes

To fully bring out your suit’s full potential, you must wear the right shoes. Few things are as important to wedding day suit accessories as the right pair of shoes. While you can never go wrong with a pair of black or brown cap toe oxfords, don’t be afraid to explore.

For the big day, consider investing in a pair of quality leather shoes. They should also match the color of your belt (and vice versa).

And don’t forget to clean and polish them before the big day. Not only do dirty shoes look out of place on a formal ensemble, but they also ruin the whole aesthetic of your look.

7.    Optional accessories

If you’re looking for more opportunities to showcase your personal style, then consider adding additional accessories like a lapel pin, tie clip, watch, or boutonniere. These accessories aren’t necessarily must-haves for the big day, but they allow you to highlight your role.

Just be careful with over-accessorizing as that can distract from rather than enhance your finished look.

No detail ignored

Ensuring you look your dashing and dapper best doesn’t happen by chance, particularly on your wedding day, one of the most important days of your life. Take the extra time to find not only the perfect wedding suit (bespoke works best) but also the perfect accessories for the big day.

Accessories maketh the man, after all.


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Post Author: Mari Snow

Mari Snow