Welcome winters when you are ready in these Jackets

  1. Superbly stylish, this warm white winter jacket is made for those who prefer to walk in style all the time. The fantastic criss-cross Zipper in black contrasts the warm white very well. The zipper being present all over till the nape of the neck is a perfect way to get away from the winter chills. The edges of the sleeves have an elastic and are rouged too that allows you to work perfectly without any hindrance. Small letters embroidered in black adds to the coolness of the jacket. Pair it up with black or dark blue denims and be ready to face the winters.
  2. if you are over enthusiastic about everything, this jacket represents your true character! The number of colors are not many, but they way they are designed on the jacket certainly shows enthusiasm of the designer who has created this piece with complete freedom of style. Shades of blue added with a brush of green makes this appear very bright. The choice of green is in complete tandem to the blues. The whites too add to the brightness and perhaps this is why the sleeves are half white from the other side. The jacket has a zipper and a hood and makes it easy to be worn during a chilly winter night or day. Shop Now
  3. Bring out some color this winter with this very colorful mauve and lemon-yellow hooded wind sweater from ZAFUL. This jacket is a perfect wear for day and can be paired with contrasting color denims or just a jogger pants on a casual winter morning. The attached hood to this completes its looks which is also adjustable. To maintain the uniformity the jacket has adjustable strings the color of which is black and white.  At the same time, similar string is at the edge of the jacket which can be adjusted according to the cold and the size. The tighter it is the lesser are the chances of wind entering your body.
  1. Variety of colors added to this one piece of jacket is all that you need when you dress up in casuals for that favorite game on a bright winter day. The yellow on the sleeves is perfectly done making the jacket look bright. The red buttons on the jacket adds to the color again making it look bright and sporty. The various patches of colors on this piece is what makes this jacket a perfect casual and sportswear. The edges are in perfect unison with each other with a red stripe on the edge of jacket as well as the sleeves. The standing collars of this jacket are also in perfect unison with the battalion of colors that are there on this jacket.
  1. Be the sunshine on a dull and grim winter day with this brightly colored yellow jacket that aptly shouts ‘FRESHNESS’. Well yes, the brighter colors you wear, brighter you ought to look. This very sunny yellow with a tinge of black here and there is a wonderful way to cheer up yourself and those around you. This bright jacket is sure to uplift your mood and you will look forward to the rest of the day.

Post Author: Edward Randall

Edward Randall