Wedding Invitation Etiquette: A Beginners Guide

Wedding invitations are more than just the first glimpse of your wedding that your guests will see, they also provide vital information that need to be carefully considered. Not only must they look the part, but they also must provide all the information that your will guests need – Something in that many brides and grooms to-be struggle with. If you want to get your wedding invites right, keep reading to discover some of the best tips available…

Wedding Invitation Tips

Specific names – This might sound obvious, but in your invites you must clearly state exactly who is invited to your wedding, as well as if partners, children or plus ones are invited. This is  important otherwise you could end up with people at your wedding that you don’t really want to be there, for example you could be hoping for a child-free wedding but end up with loads of screaming children.

Details and directions – You must include the location of your wedding, not only the church or venue, but also include the exact post code so people can find it easily. If there are multiple venues for your wedding, for example if you are getting married in a church and then moving on to somewhere else, ensure that all addresses that are needed are provided. Not only this, but you should also provide directions on a separate insert and parking details especially if your guests are going to be required to pay for parking or if parking is limited.

Timings of the day – If you are going to have a different group guests attending either the daytime or evening, then you need to specify what time you would like each group to arrive. Guests that are invited to both the day and evening events should be supplied with the timings of each, so that they can prepare. It is also a good idea to tell your guests what time you are expecting your evening do to end so that they can book transport home in advance. Remember if you only want to invite people to either the day or night event you need to make this clear on the invite that you send to them.


RSVP – You should include RSVP cards in your wedding invitations so you have an idea of the amount of people that are going to be coming to your wedding. If you send your wedding invites out a couple of months in advance you will have sufficient time to get as many as possible back. This is handy as if people cannot make your wedding, you can then choose to invite alternative people so no seats have to be empty.

Local accommodation information – It is good etiquette to provide information about accommodation for your wedding night for those that have travelled far or those who simply do not want to go home. If you are getting married somewhere where people can stay overnight, provide the contact details so people can book their rooms, and if not provide the details of any nearby hotels.

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Troy Brown