Top Ideas on Different Body Shape Outfits

Most women face the problem of determining the perfect body shape outfit for them. It is difficult for them to judge which outfit suits them. Before deciding a dress, there are a lot of factors that they take into consideration. They need to make sure that the dress fits their body shape or not. Whether the dress is available in their size or not? The body shape is a huge factor for women. There are a lot of things that determine your body shapes like waist, bust, and hip. Yishion Fashion is one such website that provides outfits of everybody shapes.

What are the different forms of body shapes?

There are various forms of body shapes like Apply shaped body type, pear-shaped body type, athletic shaped body type and hourglass-shaped body type. Let us look into the details of each one of them.


  1. Apple Shaped Body Type Outfits– Apple Shaped Body Type is those women who have a broad waist & shoulders but thin legs & hips. There are several apple body shape outfits available in retail stores these days. You would have an undefined waistline. How can one know whether she has an apple-shaped body type? You may look into the mirror and see that you have an apple-shaped body type. Your body would be heavy above the waist. You would have slim legs. Women who have apple-shaped body type need to control their blood sugar levels. Avoid having high sugar fruits and coffees. Have foods that are rich in protein. Go for a walk or jog daily at least for 15-20 minutes. The main reason for having an apple-shaped body is the accumulation of abdominal fat. You can even get the best quality apple body shape outfits from various e-commerce portals.

2.Pear Shaped Body Type– Pear Shaped Body Type would have most of their weight concentrated around their buttocks and thighs. Your shoulders and arms would be slimmer and thinner compared to your hips. Women with pear-shaped body type look beautiful in any kind of jeans they wear. They are fitter and healthier compared to apple body shape outfits. Pear-shaped body type women should practice doing cardiovascular exercises. Most women have a pear-shaped body type. Pear-shaped women should avoid wearing bodycon dresses, skinny jeans, miniskirts, and trousers. Wear simple clothes that make you look good. Pear-shaped body types should have more foods that are rich in fiber and proteins.


3.Athletic Shaped Body Type– Athletic Shaped Body Type is considered as the best body type. Why? They look great, they maintain their fitness levels, their body is slim and they have a perfect body shape. They have a balanced body structure. They aren’t overweight or underweight. They have an accurate waistline, however, if they do want to improve it they can try cropped styles. Everyone should try to have an athletic shaped body type.


4.Hourglass Shaped Body Type– Women with hourglass body shape are relatively slim. Their thighs, hips, and busts are fuller in shape. Why is it named hourglass? It is named hourglass because the upper and lower portion of the body looks similar while the midsection is slightly narrower. They have a great body. They are more fit than apple-shaped body type and pear-shaped body type. Hourglass-shaped body type women are the most beautiful of all the body types. They have a flexible body. Their diet mainly includes green vegetables, brinjal, sweet potatoes, and salmon. Losing your body weight will be a challenging task. Most of the clothes available are in an hourglass-shaped body type. Less than 10% of women have an hourglass-shaped body.

How do we measure a women’s body shape?

Women face the problem of determining the appropriate body shape of them. You will simply require a measurement shape and you can measure your body shape at your home. What do you need to do exactly?

  1. Make sure you aren’t wearing heavy clothes on otherwise it would be difficult to get the appropriate measurement.
  2. Wrap the measurement tape around your waist and chest. Note down the figures in inches. Wrap it up properly. You can even note down the figures of your legs and shoulders.
  3. You can also look in front of the mirror and determine whether you have a pear-shaped body type, apple-shaped body type, hourglass-shaped body type or athletic shaped body type.
  4. Once you note down all the figures, you can know which body part measures the most. Thus, you will be able to determine your body type.


Now that you know about all the various types of body shapes, check-in which category do you fall? Follow the preventive measures that are advised above. Body shape should not determine a person’s ability and skills. Every body type is unique in its way. By measuring your body type at home, you can look forward to the measures that can be done to make yourself look better. Thus, the apple-shaped body typeface a lot of problems. You can overcome all the problems and look good. Yishion Fashion will provide you with some of the best collection of body shape outfits.

Post Author: Carol Gilmore