Tips how to choose the best coffee mugs

It is quite annoying to leave your warm bed every morning. However, a strong cup of coffee makes it a little bit easier. Few in this world do not like to start the day with a cup of strong morning coffee. The needed coffee or tea calls for the need of a right coffee mug too. It is no doubt that a single cup of coffee shall make your every morning a happy morning. If you choose a perfect container for coffee or tea, your drink would taste better and make you feel nicer than with an ordinary one. Also, you can express your personality with an elegant mug cup especially when with a unique design. As you would tea or other beverages during your stay in the home or office, you should have the perfect cup to savour the flavour of your favourite drink for long.

Now to help you find a perfect cup or a mug for yourself or a loved one, here are some guides for you:

1) The cup material: The cups are available in a variety of materials to know: Porcelain, Earthenware, Stoneware, fine china and fine bone china. I suggest Fine Bone China Mugs because its material can make the cup thinner, lighter and stronger than the other materials with the help of cattle bone in the material. Besides, Fine bone china is almost free of stain so that it won’t get uglier with rusty stain around the cups. One recommended brand is Dunoon Mugs by the UK who produces the perfect quality of Fine Bone China Mugs in Scotland.

2) As coffee mugs are available in different sizes, choose the appropriate size you want according to your choice. On average, the usual cups are either 11oz or capacity of 325ml. They are perfect for holding both hands, have enough coffee for once and can stimulate amazing designs.

3) Height cups about its width:

Science proves that the more you expose the cup in the air, the less time it remains hot. So if you want your coffee to stay warm throughout, you can choose a container that is greater than its width. However, if you prefer cold coffee under hot coffee, you can choose your appropriate cups with a wider base.


4) Personalised design and style of presentation:

The cup of coffee market is vast, and you can find many suppliers offering personalised coffee mugs with all the advanced features. You can order a personalized mug of such supplier with your favourite quote. Your original words with an inspirational graphics can also be printed on your coffee cup to show off your style and personality.

5) Finally, the pattern printed on coffee cups reflects its individuality. It especially depends on if you like the motivational quotes on the cup of your favourite quote TV show, your favourite character, a rock band or just a beautiful art print. When someone looks at your cup of coffee while you’re sipping your favourite beverage on it, they know just the kind of person you are; you like music, a comedy show or television or love to wake up some motivation to start your day.

Post Author: Regina Gibson

Regina Gibson