The popular and the admired Godfather series

Are you interested in the crime drama? If your answer is a yes, you will surely love watching the Godfather series. Whether you are aware or not, but the series is very popular among the audience all across the world.

An American crime drama with huge popularity

The Godfather Series is an American crime drama, which is actually inspired from the novel, “The Godfather” by the American Italian author, Mario Puzo. The series has been released in three different languages. They are English, Italian and Spanish.

There are three seasons available

The Godfather series is divided into three seasons, and each of them were equally popular and admired by the audience. The whole series was created quite early, with the first series, releasing in 1972, the seconds series in 1974 and the final one in 1990.

Video games are available

Despite the film series made so early, its popularity has not lost its track. Even the modern generation doesn’t hesitate to enjoy watching the crime drama that is full of suspense till the very last moment. In fact, there are video games on the same storyline, and people are absolutely crazy about it.

Have you watched the The Godfather yet?

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Edward Randall