Married life is more than a consensual contract for life; it is a unique bond between two people set for a till-the-end-of-life journey. Having the correct compatibility between people depends on how much they are alike. This is why married couples are often referred to as soulmates; divided by bodies, but united by a single soul. Common likes, common dislikes, common opinions on something, common habits and common routine are some of the characteristics of a healthy and happy married life.

The bond between souls is strengthened further with the traditional art of presenting gifts which have a special connection to both of the soulmates. Be it a small gift or a large sized gift, the emotion attached to it is not measured by its price tag. Here is a list of some of the most unconventional gift choices for your spouse.

Spill protected flasks

These flasks are the dreams of anybody who have a collection of the same. The conventional thermos flasks and tumblers we see every day has become a new centre of innovation with the addition of a suction pad at the bottom of it. Due to the suction pad it can be stuck to walls, even if they are aligned or vertical. They can also be kept on horizontal tables without the risk of spilling over if touched in an accidental manner.

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This gift is a perfect solution to the carelessness which follows the moment we keep any articles on our table. Cups, plates as well as mugs are prone to falling down and damage. The suction pads attached to the bottom of them act as a tight shock absorber, preventing it from falling down after sustaining light collisions and careless hits. Even if the tumblers are not available in this model, there are separate suction cups which can be separately bought and attached to the bottom of already bought kitchen articles in order to make them spill free. The suction cups are identified by their holding capacity and suction capacity. More the holding capacity more is the weight that can be put on top of it without any worries. More the suction capacity more is the resistance to the collisions and bumps it may experience on the occasion of carelessness.

Without any thoughts, these spill free flasks are a definite choice of gifts for your beloved spouse, as carelessness tends to seep into a married life with the passing of the years. Try putting it on top of a laptop and forget about whether it may get spilled. Try putting it on top of a plate and forget any worries if the plate gets toppled over due to mistreatment.

Chilling cuboids

When the ice cubes hit the sides or the bottom of the glass, the sound makes the taste of the alcohol more and more intoxicating. Not only do the ice cubes add chill to the glass of vintage wine, but they also add a classy look to it. But one major problem is the fact that ice boxes have to be carried regularly along with the bottles in order to get cubes.

The progress of technology has not left such problems untouched as metallic and reusable ice cuboids are available in most of the online shopping portals around the globe. Contrary to conventional ice cubes which melt away, these metallic cuboids are reusable over and over. Adding to the fact, they are quite lightweight and can be carried in a pocket, or a bag of luggage or any bag packs during the journey.

Wooden bow tie

It is exactly like it sounds. There is no more issue of tying the complex knot every morning before going to office. These wooden bow ties are carved in the shape of a tie and can be hung around the collar of the shirt with ease. If needed, they can be conveniently removed from the collar as well. Crafted with the best hardwood for long life and assurance of quality, these wooden bow ties are one of a kind. They are not produced in bulk, and they are hand crafted. This is what makes wooden bow ties a class apart from all the other expensive gifts.

Casino styled paper weights

These paper weights are quite innovative. They are designed in casino style with slots marked with options like “yes”, “no”, “maybe”. Just one roll and the weights start to roll round and round. They are not fabricated with very heavy metal, and falling from a height has less chances of hurting someone’s feet. Whenever you need to know if you should leave the desk and take a quick coffee, these paper weights help a great deal. It is purely an element of hobby and leisure and can help in killing time. Casino styled paper weights are recently hitting stores and have been gaining reputation, as lots of offices have them on their tables.

The apex of unconventionality when it comes to gift suggestions has been saved as the last one! Custom paintings have recently gained worldwide phenomenon. It is the process of converting a picture into a painting. With numerous custom painting services available worldwide, Portrait Flip stands out among the rest of them in terms of quality and customer service policies. Simply take a photo, send it to their website, and mention the painting styles like oil, charcoal or water colour. The desired painting will be delivered in to the hands of the customer in the blink of an eye!!

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