Romantic Proposal Ideas: How to Propose to your Dream Woman

A proposal is meant to happen once in your life, and it is a great idea to make the most out of it. It is really a difficult task proposing to a lady, and it takes only the brave to do this. Here are the top five romantic ways to propose to your lady.

Public Marriage Proposal

Propose to your woman in one of her favorite places, be it a hotel, mall, rooftops, or a local park. Once you get there, ask someone close to take nice pictures of you both, and then drop down on one knee. She might get a mixed feeling at. First, she might be shocked, surprise and finally will give you a reply with a smile.

Destination Marriage Proposal

You can decide to take her on a picnic, after a long day of sightseeing, have a warm bath and chat over a few bottles of drink. When it is time to go, set the table, get the candle lit and roses, then do your thing.

Home Made Proposal

Prepare at least five different dishes that your bride-to-be cherish the most, or hiring a chef to do this while you take care of other things wouldn’t be a big deal. Invite friends and relatives over to your home to serve as a witness and then propose to her.

Work Proposal

This is really a funny way of proposing, but I bet you, it really an awesome means to propose to your bride to be. All you have to do is to sneak in into her classroom or office in the early hours of the day before she reports to work. Write a proposal text on her desk with a bunch of red flowers and then hide to see her reaction from afar.

Surprise Party Proposal

Organize a party for her on her birthday without her being aware of it. Invite her family and friends too and then arrive late to the party. This strategy aims to make her feel that you have ruined her day, the real shock is when you propose, and everyone rushes out to celebrate with you.

However, when proposing to your lady, ensure you get a ring she can flaunt to her friends and be happy about it. You can get a more desirable and sparkling ring in one of the top-rated diamond jewellery store in Toronto to ensure your proposal is a memorable, and sweet one.

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