Our fashion depicts who we are

And fashion should be both trendy and useful. When you are a working woman, your handbag is your best accessory and closest friend. Naturally, you wouldn’t settle for anything but the best! There are a lot of types of handbags available in the market as per requirement. One of the most commonly used models is a Tote bag. It’s a typically large size open bag with parallel straps emerging from both the sides of the pouch. Derived from the word ‘state’ meaning ‘to carry’, these bags were used as early as the 17th Century. This bag came in vogue as a lifestyle accessory after it was reintroduced as LL Beans’ Boat bag in 1944 in the USA.

Tote bags today:

Tote bags today are nowadays fabricated from a variety of materials. The most recognizable versions are leather totes. The leather versions have a pebbled texture. Traditionally, jute was the most widely used material. Treated canvas also finds use as a suitable material because of its durability and mold resistant treatment. In recent years, heavy-duty nylon has been deployed in its mass scale production. Unfortunately, nylon degrades upon prolonged exposure to the sun.

Tote bags and the environment:

This product has been on the forefront of eco-friendly products due to their widespread use throughout the world. Tote bags are being made and sold in non-woven biodegradable forms in grocery stores, supermarkets and other reputed retail outlets. The speciality of these bags is that they can be recycled and reused multiple times. With many developing countries banning the use of plastic, there is a lot of scope for these bags in the market. Due to their low cost of production, they are used by companies widespread with their logos stamped onto it. As per the UK Environment agency, these bags can be used as many as 327 times before they are discarded.

Post Author: Clare Louise