Named Necklaces by Carrie Bradshaw are Fashion Statements

Have you heard of the Carrie Bradshaw necklace and how trendy they were in the 80s? But like numerous other 80s trends it was fashionable only for a short time period. But Carrie Bradshaw necklaces came back and since them have been trendy over the decades. Meanwhile it first showed up on Sex and the City, and this script name necklace online has served both as a statement of fashion as well as some says a statement that is very personal. Names are so timeless and captured as a personalized name necklace is the way to express that. Name necklaces are wonderful ways to show someone that you love them.


This necklace’s uniqueness can make it a one-of-a kind gift for a love one or for yourself. Choose a name necklace as a gift and surprise someone remembering this fashionable necklace is never going to drop out of style.

Follow Carrie Bradshaw

If you want to follow the work of Carrie Bradshaw in order to keepup with her choices for necklaces, you are at the correct place. Being trendy as well as being fashionable is only one click away. It doesn’t matter if you select to personalize a necklace with only your name, your nickname or the name of aloved one, Carrie Bradshaw necklace will be the necklace to always cherish. It can not only be personalized but it comes also in gold, silver, gold over brass, gold over silver, or in color. They offer a great assortment of styles – classy Carrie Bradshaw Necklace, or modern. Or you can get a simple one with a birthstone.

Other personalized items

You can also find other personalized items – such as photo necklace as well as many other personal items that can have engraved initials or name. These make great gifts for graduation, birthdays, anniversary or Christmas.

Perfect gift

Any engraved personal items will always be the perfect gift for a friend or member of your family and they make a great fashion statement.

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Mari Snow