Most Extravagant Weddings in the UK

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Last year the average price of a wedding in the UK reached just over £30,000. It seems that, despite our British stereotypes of understatement, we are inclined to be extravagant with our wedding ceremonies. Wedding culture also remains as popular as ever with over 11 million British viewers tuning in to see Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tie the knot. With our fondness for royalty as well as our selection of ancient castles, we are certainly well-equipped to create dream fairytale weddings. For those looking for a little luxurious inspiration, here are some of the most decadent wedding components available today.

Hever Castle

Situated in rural Kent, Hever Castle is the perfect setting for a magical wedding. Dating back to the 13th century, the castle and its grounds were once home to Anne Boelyn, remaining steeped in history. The venue offers multiple choices for a ceremony within its double-moated castle and a number of guests are welcome to stay in the many five-star rooms. Complete with mazes and extensively cultured floral gardens, each moment of your celebration will be picture perfect.

Tiffany Ring

Originally founded in New York, Tiffany & Co. began as a bespoke goods store before expanding their business into fine jewellery, including the production of military medals during the mid-1800s. After many decades of growth, they continue to offer the most sought after diamond wedding rings in the world. This prestige is sustained and their cost justified by their elegant and brilliant design work. Tiffany engagement rings are, for many, the perfect gift.

Vivienne Westwood Dress

British fashion is often known for its divisive garments and Vivienne Westwood’s bridalwear is no different. Blending the red carpet confidence with classic elegance, these dresses are made to order and perfect for the most stylish brides. Her ateliers can be found at the boutique in London and will style your dress from the world’s finest silk and satin.

Saville Row Wedding Suit

British men are also in luck as the country, especially London, is full of fantastic tailors. For many viewers, the royal wedding show was stolen by David Beckham, whose modern morning suit is set to become the new standard for men. Those looking to recreate his attire can visit one of the many tailors on Saville Row in London and have their own suit created for the special day.

Rolls-Royce Phantom

Roll-Royce is an emblem of British culture. Their iconic car, the Phantom, is considered the first wedding car ever made. Costing around £400,000, the Phantom is a timeless statement car and perfect for every wedding.

Glenlivet 1943

A wedding is made complete by sharing the perfect drink. This legendary whiskey was produced during the leadership of Winston Churchill and then bottle in 2013. Each bottle is engraved with gold and will set you back around £40,000, but for those with a fondness for extreme opulence, it is one of the rarest tastes in the world.


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