Modern Schools: The Start of a Fulfilling Career or a Rollercoaster for Dreams?

The first day of school is an exciting event for every parent. In our excitement we try and make them ready for it. We get them the latest kids school bags and buy pens online so that they are sufficiently armoured to conquer the intellectual world. After all, it is their first tiny step towards becoming successful citizens of tomorrow.  However in our ambition we forget the stress that these kids go through. To remind ourselves of this, here is an outline of a typical day at school from the view point of an average intellect child:

A typical day at the claustrophobic school

I sat on the edge of the hard wood bench in the far end corner with sweaty moist palms fiddling nervously with my kids school bags. Just as I was starting to pray that the strict Mathematics teacher be absent for the first period, I heard the sound of her heels rubbing against the floor. She looked at us with an irritated frown on her forehead and I immediately changed my prayers to request God to prevent her cross pen from pointing at my direction, as she was sure to ask the answer of the puzzling question she had given us as homework the previous day. 

It seems like she had forgotten all about it for she just crossly asked us to arrange our kids school bags neatly on the shelf provided for the purpose. As the bell rang to announce the end of the class, I breathed a sigh of relief. Waiting for the next teacher to come, I made a beautiful star sticking together my colourful pens. One can always buy pens online in great variety. If only, I could remain lost in that mesmerising galaxy forever.

We were then taken to the playground with our kids school bags on our shoulders for the physical education class. Every teacher had cross pens given by the school authorities for marking our attendance with. With the roll call over where I had to shyly utter a “present ma’am”, I had to suffer the additional humiliation of jumping over fences, with my short legs barely letting me do it.

During the lunch break, I decided to skip my lunch and instead wandered to the cyber room where I began surfing the online printing store. This store which had so many fairy tale books was my wonder world. However, as the bell rang I reluctantly got up to mark my attendance for another confusing lecture. With the familiar scratching of the Cross pens on attendance sheet over, I let myself go into my dream world of dinosaurs and rescuers. This dream was rudely broken by a piece of chalk thrown at me. It seemed that the teacher wanted to check my homework exercise book which had a name label bought from the online printing store.  

The last class for the day was the activity period, which was my favourite. No sounds of cross pens marking attendance and no tidying up of our kids school bags!

All I did during this time was to search the internet for new story books and websites where I could buy pens online. With the help of a colourful array of pens I wanted to make my mother a pretty card for her birthday. As the bell rang again I got us with a mixed feeling, for another day at school has been conquered and yet the despair that tomorrow another battle awaits me.

Something to ponder about…

This narrative makes it clear that not all school children have their first interest in studies.  A high discipline school with fancy classrooms and cross pens might be great for a child’s intellectual development but is it equally good for his all round development? In our bid to prepare our children for the future rat race, let’s not crush their dreams. For who knows, the child who is lost in his fancy world today may become tomorrow’s JK Rowling or Picasso!

Post Author: Mari Snow

Mari Snow