Men’s hairstyles are often underestimated

Men’s hairstyles are also an important issue for women because a great hairstyle can get a lot out of a face. There is an optimal hairstyle for every face whether with short hair, curls and thick or thin hair, every man will find a suitable hairstyle. Men tend to always make the same hairstyle without knowing if they even fit their own type. A good barbershop in New York knows it better and can advise you the best hair style that you can implement. Care products are not to be underestimated and also the right styling is worth gold. However, a detailed consultation with a good barber cannot replace anything. A man’s haircut is the figurehead of every man and should therefore receive enough attention.

Classic fade

The sides become shorter and shorter until they end on the scalp. That gives the fading character. The hair is also shaved at the back of the head as on the sides. The top coat can be adjusted as desired in length. However, the hair can also be wavy and curly. The basic idea of ​​the hairstyle is therefore extremely short side and a slightly longer top coat.

Scissor fade

Who does not want it so extreme and does not want to shave hair down to the scalp can reach for the scissor fade. Here the side hairs are cut with scissors and no knife or razor is used. This hairstyle requires the hairdresser a lot more experience and craftsmanship as a shaved hairstyle. The look is similar but it can be worn much longer and looks a little less Barber shop style.

High-mid-low fades

While the high fade almost corresponds to a classic undercut the other two variants are a bit more modern. The mid fade also has a slightly harder edge as it starts in the middle. The low fade has the hardest edge because only a very small part is shaved at the bottom and then the fade is almost over. When it comes to styling fade depends on how you wear your top coat. The short sides are very easy to care for and hardly need extras.

Conclusion: Evolution of the Trends for 2018

Men’s hairstyles are always a sensitive topic and that will not change in 2018 either. If you are a bit familiar with cuts, trends and styling you can really get away with a good hairdresser Blog. However, the most important thing is to pay attention to your face and style when choosing the right hairstyle. In recent years different variants of the undercuts were always the topic. Instead, fade hairstyles have prevailed in all variations and create so probably a new trend or at least a nice and popular alternative.

Post Author: Edward Randall

Edward Randall