Manhattan mini embroidery workshop by fashion designer Shaly Guo

Come and learn about mini embroidery with fashion designer Shaly Guo.

Shaly Guo is a talented New York based designer from School of art institute of Chicago with a very unique and imaginative style. She was invited to New York fashion week, Chicago fashion week and many other big fashion events and her work got many publish as well. She used work in Anna sui, Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and Club Monaco, and now she began her our line. Shaly always had a passion for old toys as imaginative tools to cross the boundaries of reality and float into a fantasy world. For over 14 years, she has developed a wide array of themes across many mediums. Check her artwork here:

Embroidery is a skill that demands patience and details and it brings forth long-lasting works of art that are infused in these creative qualities. It gets better when taught by a skilled and professional embroidery expert. Over 200 people have fall in love with hand embroidery after Shaly’s class.

“I never thought I could finish such a lovely embroidery flower within one hour!” A student said.

Through the mini embroidery workshop, participants will have the unique experience of learning the art of decorating fabrics with threads using a variety of stitches with many colours, shapes and skills.


Shaly Guo is offering this skill acquisition workshop on a platter of gold. With its numerous courses and workshops fused with realism and convenience, participants are sure to get the best for what they demand.


Shaly Guo is also a ready to wear brand that deals in quality garments that are exquisite in taste and touch. Based in New York, it is a brand that seeks to tell the stories of redefinition using shapes and patterns.

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