Looking for Memorable Gift Ideas?

Everyone loves a thoughtful gift, especially if it is personalized. That is why engraved gifts have always been so popular. When someone receives a personal gift that they hadn’t even thought of, it is even better.

But as the gift giver it isn’t always easy to come up with that perfect gift. You want to find something you know that person will love and use for a long, long time. It is no fun to give a gift suspecting it is going to be put in the back of a closet… or worse yet, re-gifted. It happens every Christmas, birthday, anniversary, and more – when we are forced to rack our brains to come up with memorable gifts for everyone.

Fingerprint Gifts are so Memorable

If you don’t know what a fingerprint gift is, it is just like it sounds – a gift with a fingerprint embedded into a precious metal, such as yellow gold. For example, a charm bracelet with fingerprint charms of all of your kids or siblings or best friends would make an incredible gift. It would definitely be a step up from a traditional charm bracelet.

Think about the possibility of having memorial fingerprint jewelry made, such as a pendant with your elderly parents’ fingerprints embedded or a fingerprint charm of a loved one who has recently passed. Or consider having mother–daughter fingerprint charms that you can exchange as a way of staying close would be a great way to stay close.

If you’re really thinking memorable – think fingerprint engagement ring! Show that special someone how awesome it would be to have his fingerprint embedded on your ring and vice versa!

There is really no limit to how to use the fingerprint jewelry technique!

According to Dimples fingerprint jewelry professional, Patti Moloney, “We aren’t in the jewelry business. We are on a mission to help people around the globe capture life’s precious moments and turn them into treasured memories. Our clients have so many amazing stories to tell when they are having their fingerprint jewelry made by us. Some of the stories are heartbreaking while others are so romantic and sensitive – they all bring a tear to my eye. We even have some clients who have ordered fingerprint dog tags and charms with their pet’s paw print embedded!”

Fingerprint jewelry lives on and can be handed down for generations. These are truly memorable gifts that will last a lifetime. It is an easy process. All you would need to get started is a digitized fingerprint. It can be done with an inkpad then photographed and sent to the jeweler. Note: Only a handful of jewelers offer this technique so do your homework in advance.



Post Author: Clare Louise