Lipstick that every girl should own

If we take a closer look at our generations makeup, there has been a vast difference from decades before. The products used, the techniques applied have undergone an enormous change. The base and the fundamentals of the makeup remained the same. Humans have been using from time unknown. People use makeups to highlight their features. The one such product that has been a constant is lipsticks. From berries to the wide range of lipsticks, it has always been a companion to the human race.

Makeup has always been the status symbol in our society,and both men and women use makeup. Lipsticks today are available in various quality with different features. There are many types of lipsticks available in the market.

Types of lipsticks available in the market

  • Moisturizing lipstick:People are having dry lips generally use moisturizing lipsticks; it keeps the lips soft and smooth. The give your lips a wet and shiny effect.
  • Satin and sheer lipstick: These are also used by people who have dry lips. These lipsticks also moisturize and nourish your lips. They are made with high oil ingredients and has to be applied many times.
  • Matte lipstick: Matte lipsticks are available in various colorful They don’t have any shiny effect to it. But the lips look smoother and younger.
  • Cream lipsticks: Lipsticks having cream formula are not so shiny but has a smoother effect. One can use gloss on it to get the desired look. Cream lipsticks contain more wax and can cause dry lips.
  • Gloss lipstick: Gloss is very popular lipsticks. They make lips shine and are mostly used in combination with traditional lipstick.
  • Long wearing and transferresistant lipsticks: If a person doesn’t like to apply lipstick in regular interval may apply long-lasting They remain constant until you eat something oily.

The variety of colors of lipstick available are mind-blowingand they have the ability to color us happy.

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Mari Snow