Jewelry 101: Finding the right jewelry store in Montreal!

Probably you want to buy a special engagement ring, or wish to sell one of your family-estate pieces – For dealing in any kind of jewelry, you need to find a reliable store. Thankfully, Montreal has some really popular jewelers, brands and stores, such as Atelier Lou, which are ideal and safe for varying needs. Of course, as in any industry, not all jewelry stores are same, and we have a guide below on how you can find a trusted one. 

Check what they specialize in 

Jewelry stores offer different kinds of services. Some just sell ready branded products, like rings, earrings, pendants and necklaces, while others also deal in repairs. The more comprehensive a store, the better. When you want to sell or find the real value of jewelry you own, you need to head to an expert. Many stores in Montreal actually have certified appraisers, who can do that as per AAP Code of Ethics and Standards, and in accordance to other guidelines. Also, check they buy back old and preowned jewelry, and selected estate items, such as watches. 

Customization and repairs

Sometimes, even the best jewelry pieces need repairs and polishing. As we had mentioned earlier, you need a jewelry store that’s comprehensive and has its own team of goldsmiths and designers. Check if they reset, clean, polish and repair old jewelry. Many customers are also interested in getting custom engagement rings and necklaces, and an experienced brand or local store should be able to handle such requests. Customized wedding rings and bands don’t have to be expensive, but the credibility and experience of the store do matter. 

Reviews and background

Eventually, you need a trusted jewelry store, and or that, reviews of other customers must be checked. Select a brand that has been around for decades, don’t mind answering customer questions, and is accessible. They should be transparent about their measurement and pricing standards. For diamonds, check if they sell certified and graded diamonds. If you are new to a store, don’t shy away from asking for references and check if their staff members and designers are approachable. 

Online ordering

Finally, do check if they accept online orders. Many buyers in Canada would rather order their jewelry and gold products from a known store in Montreal, or other cities, than buying from unknown source. If the jewelry store has the option of online ordering, that’s always an added advantage. 

Also, don’t shy away from asking for purchase receipt and certification of authenticity!

Post Author: Andrew Williams