Is a Three-Piece Suit the Right Choice?

Men’s fashion has often been thought of as the simpler kind of fashion. In many ways, that is true. Men’s formal wear usually consists of suits or tuxedos depending on the environment. There are many different kinds of suits that are appropriate for different events, but there is one kind of suit that tends to blur the lines between formal and business-like. It is very versatile, very stylish, and very distinct: the famous three-piece suit.

 What is a Three-Piece Suit?

Suits can be bought together or as suit separates. These “separates” are sometimes also called pieces. These pieces are the pants, the coat, and waistcoat. In the United States and in some other countries, the waistcoat is often called a vest. It is not a very common addition to suits in the 21st century, but it used to be very prevalent in the olden days. A waistcoat is great if you want to set yourself apart with a distinct look. It also helps bridge the gap between formal and business-like. You could easily go from a business meeting to a formal dinner and not have to change your suit. Three-piece suits really give you that edge. They also create more versatility with the rest of your outfit.

The Versatility

With a waistcoat, you have more versatility in terms of your clothing choices. A quality suit is not cheap, and it shouldn’t be. Because of the larger price tag, you obviously want as much use out of your suits as possible. If you have three pieces to your suit, you can surely mix and match your style. If you wear it without the waistcoat, it looks like a totally different suit. If you need to dress down, but still require a business-like look, you can wear your waistcoat without the sport coat. That will project the well-put-together look that you need in a business setting, but it won’t be as stifling as wearing all three pieces at once. This is especially popular during the summer months when the temperature starts to rise.


You can pair your suit with some other waistcoats as well. If you buy waistcoats as separates, you could employ different colours and patterns to make your suit look different depending on the circumstances. Also, a waistcoat can hide a multitude of sins. If you have ever spilled something on your shirt or your tie, you know how distracting it can be for everyone else. If you are trying to give a presentation but you have a mustard stain on your tie, everyone will be focused on the discolouration on your tie and not on what you have to say. If you have a waistcoat, you can button up the waistcoat to cover any stains. Alternately, if you spill something on your vest, you can simply take it off.

A Classic Look

A three-piece suit is a classic look that harkens back to a bygone era. The suits of the Victorian period were often three-piece suits. When you put on a three-piece suit, you will be wearing a timeless style that is both versatile and attractive. If you are looking for a good suit that you can wear from the office to a formal setting, you should invest in a suit with a waistcoat, as you’ll be able to wear it in a number of different ways.

Post Author: Paul Petersen