Innovation, Engineering and Designing Lingerie

It might be hard to believe, but plenty of science and engineering goes into designing and making comfortable and supportive bras. You might be amazed at the technology involved with building a better bra, including:

Alternative Strap Placements

With more than 20 years of experience in developing plus-sized support, Curvy Couture has perfected its strapless bra styles that can provide firm and lifting support to band sizes 34-44 with and anywhere from C-H cups.

Curvy Couture also provides bras with five alternative strap placements that can turn any bras convertible. A single bra can provide the foundation for an assortment of tops and dresses.

Smart Materials

Bras might soon be adapting to their wearers’ breast shape and size once House of Anesi’s project officially launches. The Anesi bra features cooling gel straps that can adapt to the wearer’s shoulder contour.

More importantly, the bra will feature a 3D nylon lightweight support system that replaces the traditional metal underwire.

The most amazing part? The bra is constructed from a unique fabric capable of accommodating varying sizes. Why is this important?

A pregnant woman’s breasts, for example, may increase up to two cup sizes, but this bra will stretch and then still return to its original size after she delivers of finishes breastfeeding.

Focus on Functionality

No more bras focused solely on aesthetics! The Evolution Bra is designed with functionality in mind. Knix Wear created this bra with materials that let you stay free of microbes, odour and moisture. It also dries quickly.

Data Science

Any woman can tell you that breasts come in all shapes and sizes. So why most bras are cut the same?

You can now purchase bras that are customised for you online, thanks to True&Co.

Rather than only accounting for your band size and cup size, this company also takes into account whether your breasts are full or shallow, wide-set or narrow, high or low, or a combination of all of these factors.

The result? Bras designed to tackle these “combination” breast sizes and shapes based on all the data collected from the free quiz on the company’s website.

Bra Theory

Ever heard of boob actualisation? This mathematical and algorithm-based research on creating the perfect bra for one person took over a year to materialise, but the results are impressive!

This bra fits your breast shape, it is smooth and comfortable to wear, and it acts as a stabilisation and support system when you’re walking fast or down the stairs – even running!  

Meanwhile, the bra also lifts your breasts to their ideal shape and position.

3D Technology

Set out to reinvent the traditional bra with its underwires and size tags, Bree McKeen founded Evelyn & Bobbie and scanned hundreds of women’s bodies using 3D technology.

The data was then used to develop an algorithm for a good fit based on three measurements.

By submitting your waist, breast and shoulder measurements, the algorithm can provide you with a comfortably-customised fit that has no straps, no underwires and most importantly, no size tags that can diminish a woman’s confidence in her body.

Bridge-Building Technology

Since bras are designed to support a woman’s breasts, it is no surprise that Trusst Lingerie takes inspiration from a bridge support design as its starting template.

The results were tested by 3D printing models to find what dimensions offer the most support with the least amount of foam materials. Currently, the bra sizes accommodate up to a 3dJ and cater to the plus-size industry.

Anatomically Profiled Support Paddles

Bioform is a one-of-a-kind design that uses anatomically profiled support paddles. This technology embeds a hard polymer between soft co-polymer layers to bypass the typical underwire jabs.

Bioform also enhances a woman’s figure and provides an extra lift to the bust compared to a typical non-push up bra.

Virtual Sizing

Most women detest being fitted for the proper bra size, but they know it’s necessary to achieve the desired fit.

After testing women aged 17 to 70 with bra sizes between AA to F, ThirdLove created a body-imaging app that makes virtual bra sizing possible for the first time.

WIth a simple virtual scan, you can be accurately fitted for the best band and cup size along with the shape of your bust. This data can then be used to design a customised bra that will fit you just right.

Post Author: Paul Petersen