Information on the Strength of a Tungsten Ring

Your tungsten ring is the ring that is the most resistant to wear than any other material for rings on the market. It is ten times tougher than an 18k gold ring, five times tougher than tool steel and four times tougher than titanium. Tungsten on the Mohs scale will measure between 8 to 9 for hardness. Because of the hardness, a Tungsten ring will hold itsshine and shape much longer than other materials for making rings.

Permanently polished rings

Tungsten rings are called “permanently polished rings” and these rings do not bend. In an emergency, these rings only can be removed by a medical professional. Every ring made of Tungsten is separately hand-crafted by using a variety of diamond abrasives tools. Some of these rings have cobalt while others are cobalt-free.

Tungsten with carbon

Tungsten and carbon with other essentials are grounded into a powder, and then the powder is compressed using high pressure dies in high heat to form a blank for a ring. This blank is fired in a furnace oxygen-free at over 6,000 degrees. This method is referred to as sintering and forms the hardest alloy of metal that is used in making jewelry.

Shaped with diamond tools

 After this, the ring is then shaped by using tools for working on diamonds, with at least 40 separate stages needed for the completion of the ring. The shaping, cutting and polishing of a tungsten ring in many ways is like the cutting and polishing of a rough diamond.

Personal design

 If you have a design in mind for tungsten ring and you don’t see one like it on any website, you should feel free to talk to someone by live chat system. A customer service rep will be able to help you or tell you where to go to have a custom design ring that is perfect for you. Many websites do their best to have their website flow so that you can find the rings you are looking for with no difficulty. If at any time that you feel you want to place an order and need help, contact customer service which should be easy to find on the site.

Post Author: Carol Gilmore