Including the Groom’s Hobbies and Style in Your Wedding

I have been to many incredible weddings. But the ones I remember the most are the ones that include the personality of both couples, the groom and the bride.  It makes sense doesn’t it! Why wouldn’t it be a good idea to include things that show the groom’s interests and passions, just as much as the brides.

You may ask how you can you include guitars, sports and cars along with your diamonds and satins into your wedding day and still look classy.  You’d be surprised. There are ways to make it happen without arguing or complaining from either one. Here are examples from two weddings I attended and loved.

The first one; It was an incredible Fall afternoon in the Mountains of Pennsylvania.  The trees were full of deep shades of red, purple and orange. I was feeling pretty good about the directions until the “continue for two miles down the dirt road” where we ended up at the Groom’s Grandfather’s log cabin, the wedding was in a pavilion that was next to the house.  It literally sat on the edge of a huge lake that with a backdrop of mountains rising on the opposite side.  It was breathtaking!

When we were getting ready to started.  We all took our seats on rustic wooden benches lined up along two very wide and deep steps that lead you from the pavilion to a large landing overlooking the lake.

The Bride first appeared with her Maid of Honor.  They walked down from the cabin and waited in front of the incredible backdrop of the mountains.  For a few minutes I was a little confused. Where was the groom? He usually comes up first.

Until I noticed the other side of the lake, you could see two people in a canoe.  It took them a few minutes before they were close enough to see who they were, but sure enough, it was the Groom and his Best Man!  They docked the boat in the sand next to us and walked up, he kissed her on the cheek, pulled out a gorgeous diamond ring that he got from EraGem, held it in his hand and we began the ceremony.

The second was two good friends of mine, they’re both musicians and she also loves to paint.  They had a very small destination wedding in a caribbean islands. All Twelve of us joined them with no shoes in their celebration on a breezy day on a remote beach.  On the afternoon of the wedding, we all met by the pool near a pretty white gazebo.  Steel drums rang out lots of fun tunes as we waited for the Bride and Groom to arrive.

When it started, we all gathered around a pretty ring of flowers on the ground in a circle in front of the gazebo.  The Bride slowed walked in with her dad in a very simple and airy, strapless white dress that was accented, and of course, no shoes!  She was carrying a simple yet gorgeous Swarovski crystal bouquet.  She looked absolutely even more stunning because the crystals had a beautiful sparkle in the sun!

After the ceremony, there were more steel drums with a couple of hours of cocktails and a beach barbeque. We danced, laughed, hung out in the sand, and ate incredible food as the sun set over the ocean.

There were no annoying photographers trying to capture cheesy “moments to cherish”, he left after the ceremony and the guests were the photographers for the reception.  We were free to have fun in whatever way we pleased!  After the sun went down, we had lit candles in white paper bags that were scattered all over the beach.  It was so fun relaxing and enjoyable!

We stayed for a couple of days after the wedding.  Some of us explored caves, some went sea turtle watching or shopping at local stores, others decided to relax by the beach.  At the end of the long weekend, the Newlyweds headed to the south of the island for their honeymoon and flew back home.

My point is, to have an incredible wedding don’t be scared to be different from what your family, friends or culture tells you. There is no “should do this” or “you should do that”. Have fun. This is your wedding.

Post Author: Clare Louise