How Tungsten Can Be an Excellent Metal for Wedding Bands

Normally, when it comes to choosing wedding bands, most people often to for platinum, silver or gold. But these are all soft metal and need treatment that is delicate with adequate care.

Harder metals

Although tungsten and titanium are each durable and quite hard, tungsten is harder. Tungsten carbide is the hardest form of tungsten and is harder than titanium and only able to be marked by diamonds. This different hardness makes a problem when it comes to resizing and engraving.

Wedding bands

Tungsten wedding bands usually are more expensive than titanium due to the manufacturing process. The equipment for this process is quite expensive since the tungsten carbide needs to be in a vacuum or hydrogen environment that is at least 6000 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Colour options

Tungsten ring comes in an assortment of various colours for you to choose from. Tungsten that is white gives the finger very classic appearance, like you would get with a white gold or platinum. More stores have rings in black, red, blue, gold, silver, black and blue, black and gold and black and red tungsten rings. This spectacular assortment of wedding bands comes in many kinds of finishing and polish all depending on what suits the buyer.

Chemical reactions

With a ring made of tungsten, women don’t need to worry abut the sun, salt water at the beach, or while cooking or doing the dishes. You never have to remove them while changing your tires on your car or doing various chores at home. This is all because tungsten used in making tungsten wedding bands has an inactive chemical composition and do not react with other elements.

No allergic reactions

For those people sensitive to other metals such as tungsten rings are hypoallergenic; they do not cause any allergic reactions. Unlike most other metals such as gold and silver, tungsten does not cause allergies because of the low nickel in them which bounds tightly.

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