How to tell if this is Mr. Right?

Finding a partner might be one of the most challenging tasks that one can be faced with. He may be handsome, chauvinistic (well, if you prefer), have the means to keep you happy, but, is he the one for the keep? How should you decide if this person is right for you and that you can build your life with him? With so many matrimony services and the endless profiles, picking the most suitable match may seem like a monumental task. Unfortunately, there is no ‘eligibility test’ to help you decide either. As awful as it may sound, don’t feel disheartened just yet. We have compiled the most compelling reasons as to why he needs to stay; or, well, why he must not! Read on to find out if your someone is THE one.

One of the easiest and surest ways to determine this is to see if he makes you happy. Yes, it’s that simple! If it’s his company that makes you feel happy, makes you smile from inside, then lady, you have found your man. It is simple things like these that can help you take one of the biggest decisions of your life.

Do you feel at ease with yourself and do not feel the need to have to put up a show when you’re with him? Do you feel comfortable being who you are? Do you feel that you are being accepted for who you are? Well, if the answer to this is in the affirmative, then your relationship is worth a try. More often than not, we encounter people who try to measure you up – for them; the relationship is a game or a contest they must win. So, they would constantly compare you with someone else, encourage you to change a few ways here and there. And before you know it, you will turn into a completely different person. As individuals, we must always strive to better ourselves. It must always be out of an individual’s own will and desire. It must not come from anywhere else, and least of all, from one’s companion. And yes, when you feel accepted for who you are, you are with the right guy!

If the answer to the above has been a ‘yes’ so far, then you are almost finished with your assessment. Just one last thing to be sure of – the ‘family indicator.’ In India, more so than anywhere else in the world, a marriage is between two families. The Indian bride and Indian groom marry not only each other but their families too.

Do you feel that he makes an effort to include you in the family by organizing frequent ‘meetups’ with his friends and family? If he encourages the meeting of families, then that would imply he is making an effort to make you at ease with his family and bring you closer. And on occasions like these, if you feel being paid attention to or sense an extra effort by him to make you feel at ease with them, then you need not wait any longer for your quest to find your life partner is over. You have found your ‘Mr. Right’!

Post Author: Mari Snow

Mari Snow