How to make custom DIY graphic T-shirts at home?

Have you ever been in some mall checking out some shirt, liking it and then taking a look at the price tag and quietly walked away in the opposite direction? Have you in such situations ever thought to yourself that you could have done the same stuff, maybe even better? If you had someday or any day thought this to yourself but also found yourself not being able to carry on with the idea as you do not know how to go about it then fret no more friends! Your wait is over now. This article is all about how you can make your handmade tees at home. So buckle up and read along.

What do you need to make your DIY T-shirt at home?

These are some of the items you would require to start working on your T-shirt. They are pretty easy to find and can be purchased from any mall or even stores near you:

  1. An inkjet printer
  2. Scissors or razors or knife, make sure they are sharp enough
  3. An iron
  4. A parchment paper
  5. A blank t-shirt, the colour

How to go about it:

The next and the major question is how do you go about it? How do you start to make one of your first handmade tees? Read along and you would know-how, and another thing you would know is that it’s no biggie if you know the how to:

  1. Buy a pack of parchment papers, run back home, put them in your printer.
  2. After you have done so, sit down, and search for the design or the theme you want to have on your shirt. Once you have that figured out, get it printed on the parchment papers
  3. Now cut out of the theme or design with scissors or razors or knives. Make sure they are sharp enough and do not make you leave white spaces around the design.
  4. Iron the cut out nicely.
  5. Then remove the design from over the paper, put it on the shirt where you want it to be. Put a full-sized parchment paper on the cutout and iron it for quite some time.
  6. Make sure that the iron is hot enough and press on the edges with a bit more pressure.
  7. And bam, there you have your own first DIY T-shirt, and guess whose t-shirt is better than the machine-made ones at the malls?! Hah!

Well, there you have it. You could even try out some exclusively Indian T-shirt styles or designs if you want to. But what if you are just not an artistic person? Or did you just read the whole article only to believe that all of this is way out of your league? Well, quit that long face as you could easily even purchase tees from the collection of Jacksonville T-Shirts. It is a site that could provide you with customised and premium tees just for you.


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