How To Impress Your Wife On Her Karva Chauth?

North Indian married women observe a special puja known as Karwa Chauth for the long life and health of their husbands. Previously, it was a Punjabi celebration, but later on, across northern India, it became a popular celebration. It’s known to be a very strenuous puja where the wives have to fast until they see the moon and the husbands break their fast by helping them drink some water.

It’s known to be a very hectic ‘vrat’ or fasting for the married Indian women. The husbands along with the in-laws shower the wives with lots of presents such from dresses to bangles, jewelry, etc. You being a nice and concerned husband can surprise your wife with a beautiful online Karwa Chauth gift. If you feel shy to visit the stores to buy dresses and jewelry for her or lack sufficient time, shopping the Karwa Chauth gifts has become more convenient, with the emergence of the e-gift stores.

A list of gifts your can buy for your wife on this auspicious occasion

Saree or Dress

Indian women prefer to receive sarees as a part of their tradition. You can also follow in the footsteps of the family and shop your wife an elegant saree. Banarasi, chiffon, jardousi, etc are some of the popular sarees that you can shop for her. But before shopping, make sure about her choice. When the person is observing a full-day fast because of your health and fortune, you can know about the choice of that special lady and buy her that particular saree to see the amazing smile on her face.

For a change, opt for a beautiful traditional dress such as a salwar kameez or an embroidered dress for your wife and surprise her.

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Buying gold and diamond ornaments for the wives is an age-old tradition on Karwa Chauth, but you can go off the traditional road and buy her a beautiful custom jewelry set which she can wear with the newly brought saree or dress.

Flowers & Chocolates

Being loving and concerned husband, you can place an order to deliver a bouquet of flowers along with a box of chocolates for your beloved wife. Surprise her in the morning when she’s preparing to start the fasting for your well being.

Buy her sweets

Gulab Jamuns and other sweets are available online these days. If you’re not a new husband and know about the likes and dislikes of your wife, you can purchase her a beautiful casket containing lots of sweets such as gulab jamuns, rasgullas, ladoos, Kaju rolls, Kaju Barfi, etc. Make sure unlike the new age brides, she is fond of sweets and will appreciate your endeavor of buying her sweets.

Karwa Chauth Thali

Many women in India would appreciate receiving puja thali along with other ingredients (puja samagri) they need for worshipping the ‘Moon’ on that particular day before breaking fast. If you want to surprise your beloved with a thali, there’s nothing to worry, as you can purchase a Karwa Chauth Thali online without facing much hassle.

Why Shop Online?

  • It’s time-saving and allow you to choose any gift from the wide array of options. You can explore any of the chosen e-gift stores and buy your wife an excellent gift for Karwa Chauth.
  • You can buy an online voucher and present it to her. It will be an excellent option for your wife to buy whatever she wants within that voucher online.

Finally, gift your wife with your time love, care and concern as these feelings are priceless and most expensive for any loving wife who cares for you.

Post Author: Clare Louise