How to Dress Business Casual as a Young Business Woman

More often than not young businesswomen face the daily dilemma of choosing “What to Wear to Work”. Making the best impression is one of the things that we want to establish when choosing what to wear to work or to any formal business matter. Generally speaking, dressing up in a business casual style means choosing clothes that are fit to be worn in the office like slacks, blouse, a skirt or a dress. If you want to achieve the business casual look then steer clear from wearing any normal day clothes like jeans, t-shirts, tank tops, and short skirts.

Follow some useful tips listed below to have a standard guideline on how to dress business casual as a woman.

  • Invest in Quality, Essential Pieces – A businesswoman should know the importance of spending your money wisely. High-quality business casual clothes may seem like an expensive spend especially if you are a young businesswoman like fresh graduates looking to land their first corporate dream job. However, you should put in mind that buying staple business clothes is rather an investment in the long run because quality business casual clothes do not run out of style. When shopping, be meticulous about the small details, like garments and craftsmanship.
  • Start by Buying the Basics – Start your shopping by buying the basics when shopping for business wear for women. Basics such as black slacks, neutral colored pants and dresses and some blazers that could upgrade a simple look to a formal one. On the other hand, if you are the type of person who prefers to wear colors then be authentic to yourself and choose some colorful wardrobes that can balance with any neutral or conservative clothing. Learn how to dress to conform in an office environment. Dresses are also an important piece for a more to go look that can be worn from daytime to nighttime. Learn how to accessorize and you can never go wrong on your daily wardrobe.
  • Pay Attention to Your Footwear – When dressing for a business casual approach, you should also be able to balance out your look with the type of shoes that you are wearing. The best advice that one can get if wanting to get that formal business casual look is to avoid wearing open-toed shoes, sandals or flats. Peep-toe shoes is a much better alternative if you want to change your looks from time to time. Close flat shoes are also a great piece to own, be sure to opt for pointed ones as this adds to the formality of the look without sacrificing the whole business casual demeanor.
  • Learn to take Dress Codes Cues – Generally speaking, dress codes vary differently for every company and culture especially when talking about business casual clothing choices. Some companies may not implement a strict and definitive formal dress code, but learning to take cues from your colleagues on how you should dress up would also help particularly if you are new to the environment. The key is to observe and pay attention so you can blend in.

Post Author: Edward Randall

Edward Randall