How to Choose the Perfect Pearl Earrings?

There is more to pearl earrings than looking beautiful wearing them. These jewelry pieces are unique in that they can reflect light onto your face. They reflect the pearl color onto your face, so it is important that you choose the color carefully. There are many factors to be considered when choosing these special earrings. The following guide should make this easier for you.

Choice of Pearls

When it comes to choosing your pearl earrings, you have to consider both the choice of the pearls and the earrings style.

  • Akoya Pearls: If you want to have a classic-styled earring, choose Akoya pearls.
  • Freshwater Pearls: If you want something affordable, round or off-round, choose these pearls.
  • Tahitian or South Sea Pearls: If you want to wear exotic and large pearl earrings, choose any of these two pearls.

Earrings Styles

It is also important to choose the pearl earrings’ style to match your preferences and personality.

Pearl Stud Earrings

This is a classic piece of jewelry that is versatile for different occasions. You can wear them with casuals and class outfits. If you want something more luxurious, choose Tahitian/South Sea Studs earrings. If you are young or want to wear them to work, choose simple pearl studs.

Pearl Dangling Earrings

If you want perfect earrings for evenings, choose these pearl earrings. They are perfect for different types of faces including round, oval, and heart-shaped faces. Besides, they also go well with short necks. The length of the earrings should be chosen based on your neck and face length.

It is recommended to choose short dangling earrings for a formal look and long chandelier pearl earrings with evening wear. If it is a gift, choose straight drop earrings. It makes great sense to choose drop earrings with a single teardrop or round pearl to grab attention. For a more luxurious look and feel, choose Tahitian or South Sea dangling earrings in white gold. You can also choose sterling silver or yellow gold settings. Choose pearls that are clean and lustrous.

So consider all these options when choosing the perfect pearl earrings. If you want to explore the different options, it is recommended to click here to read more.

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Mari Snow