How to choose a play collar?

Your neck is a delicate part of your body. Not only it is close to your personal body, but it is also a place which when suffocated can make it impossible for you to breathe. So, if you are considering to buy collars and chokers for yourself, then you should know the right way to fasten it and the kind of design you should purchase for a comfy fit. Temporary play collars can be put for a play session to enhance sexiness, sensation and sensuous mindset during playtime. Here are some points to consider when purchasing play collar:

Know the right height

Collars are available in different heights. Extensively tall collars which cover a large part of your neck are known as posture collars. They are designed to make the wearer appear in good posture. Slim width collars are comfortable to wear and can be worn for long hours. If you want your partner to wear collars for long hours, then go for a sleek and light collar.

Know the bondage points

In order to use your collar as a bondage point, first find out what your collar will offer. A single O-ring or D-ring will work perfectly if you just want to attach a leash to the collar. If you want chains to run between the collar, then there will several bondage points. Consider what will work right for you and then go for it.

Find out about the different fasteners

You can fasten your collar in different ways. The simplest way is like you fasten a belt which allows a metal to slip through the open holes present. Some other locking methods are bows or Velcro. A lot of them also include two D-rings which fasten the collar as they hold the collar taut. When selecting collars and chokes, consider what kind of fastener will be comfortable for you, physically and mentally.

Locking buckles

A locking buckle permits you to lock the collar on your lover. If the idea of locking a collar on your lover excites you, then go for a collar like this. However, for security purpose, ensure you don’t leave your lover alone when they are locked in the collar.

Know the size of your neck

While almost all collars are designed as one-size-fits-all, you may wish to use a fabric tap and measure your neck to find out which size collar will actually fit you. A lot of retail stores online provide you with the length of the collar, so you can easily check it and find out if it will comfortably and snugly fit you or not

Keep different colors in mind

When you are purchasing collars and chokers from, you will come across a wide variety of colors. While a lot of chokers are available in black, some collars are available in contrasting colors to give you a different look. So, you can choose pastel shades or bright colors depending on your preference. If you have any preferences, then you can see if it is available in the store or not.

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Regina Gibson