Gifts a Guy Who Lives Alone Would Appreciate

Bachelors who live alone are really one of a kind. They live on their own terms, keep their apartment décor to a minimum, they don’t believe in glam and like to keep their cooking to the least possible limit. Although this mode of lifestyle is definitely super simple to live by, it is not always sustainable. After all, how long can one go for by having just ramen and eggs on a daily basis, all because of the laziness when it comes to cooking? And speaking of the minimal home décor, shouldn’t one’s safe space actually be a reflection of their own personality and not just plain walls and doors?

Well, your bachelor friend isn’t going to understand all this by himself. What you could do for him, though, is get him unique housewarming presents! There are a ton of funny housewarming gifts for guys! To begin with, get your male friend a funny house mat. You know, the kind that looks plain, is brown and is pretty much a no-nonsense mat, but has a funny quote on top? Yes, that kind! No guy should have any qualms about setting such a mat in front of their bachelor abode! You could also throw in a Game of Thrones Poster or a Harry Potter Poster- something that would match his taste and that he would instantly want to put up on the walls of his place!

If you’re looking for housewarming gifts for boyfriend and want something more romantic, you could opt for a more fancy-looking lamp or light. Whether it’s an Eiffel Tower shaped light, the tower that makes you swoon just looking at it, or a cuter light like a Flamingo Lamp, good, tasteful lighting goes a long way in taking the décor of a house up a notch!

Of course, one space that you can definitely help out with is the kitchen! There are a ton of products online that can help in drastically reducing the amount of time spent in the kitchen while trying to cook even the simplest of dishes. Tools like tea infusers, cucumber slicers, bottle openers are all fully functional and super useful to have. If he’s not much of a cook, you could get him a Superhero Apron. It might just actually work its superpowers at feeding some sense about healthy cooking and eating into his head!

Keeping the bathroom clean is a pain and your bachelor friend knows it. To help the poor guy out, you could get him a Beard Catcher. It’ll help him immensely in keeping his bathroom clean the next time he shaves and save him lots of time that he would have otherwise spent on picking up the hair and cleaning the mess the beard shaving would have left behind!

Good luck with your search for Housewarming gifts for Bachelors!

Post Author: Mari Snow

Mari Snow