Getting smooth ‘down there’

Pubic hair removal is often a sensitive topic for most women. But with the right methods, it is easy to do even at home.

Many women balk at the idea of removing the hair from the pubic region, but it is a necessary chore. The hair traps sweat and grime. Keeping the area clean and well groomed is a good personal hygiene practice.

Pubic hair removal is often tricky…

The skin in the pubic area is thinner than that in the rest of the body. It is also more sensitive because it has more nerve endings. However, the hair in the region is coarse and thick. Some women have excess pubic hair growth, which becomes embarrassing when one wishes to wear a swimsuit or hot pants. In this case, pubic hair removal needs to be done – but in a careful manner.

Pubic hair removal can become difficult because the skin is sensitive, and rough handling can damage the skin and remove essential moisture. Many women resort to shaving the area – but the hair comes back rough and unruly. The hair is also prickly, and it itches when it starts growing back.

The best ways of pubic hair removal are using depilatory creams, or undergoing a bikini wax, or using a trimmer.

How to remove pubic hair – the best methods to employ

* Depilatory creams: The cream is applied to cleansed skin (making sure there are no abrasions or rashes) and left for about three minutes. During this time, the cream starts to dissolve the hair on the surface of the skin. After the recommended time, you must simply wipe away the cream with a wet towel. The hair comes away painlessly and easily, and new hair is seen after four or five days. The best depilatory creams do not harm the skin in any way. The hair regrowth is also fine and sparser than before.

* Bikini waxing: Though a slightly more painful option than using a depilatory cream, bikini waxing has longer lasting results. It all depends on the wax you use – we suggest going with waxing strips. You can cut them to the size you want and do the waxing by yourself at home. However, do prep the skin prior to starting – take a painkiller one hour before you begin, and apply an ice pack on the skin to numb it. Apply moisturiser after waxing and wear loose cotton pants or a nighty to minimise fabric contact with the skin. This is a good alternative for pubic hair removal because the hair comes back finer and softer, and the regrowth is seen only after 25 to 28 days.

* Trimmer: Reputed companies in the hair removal space have developed sensitive touch trimmers that remove the hair as close to the skin’s surface as possible. The trimmer blades are tiny and safe to use, so there is no chance of cutting or injury like with a razor. The results are not as long lasting as with waxing, but using the trimmer is convenient because it is quick and painless. Also, it helps in last minute touch-ups when you’re wearing a swimsuit or high cut pants.

Post Author: Mari Snow

Mari Snow