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In marketing strategies, which companies manage to enhance their corporate image, promotional gifts play a significant role. Many organisations invest substantial amounts in this type of products, and to make this investment profitable, and we offer some tips to put into practice in the choice of gifts.

Identify the recipient

Although it seems something elementary, organisations often make the mistake of believing that because something works for other companies, in your case you will have the same result. This is false, each brand or company must be very clear about the target audience, the social segment to which it is directed, age, sex, etc.

This data will allow you to know how to reach them and in this way you can determine what works best, always taking into account the product or service they offer, you do not have to leave that referential frame. From the corporate and premium gifts supplier malaysia you will get the best deals now.

Contribute utility

Although a gift is always well received, the corporate gift, or advertising, should not be just beautiful. Part of what implies a conscientious choice is about choosing something that lends utility to the recipient.

If it is a useless gift, no matter how free it is, it is sure that it does not last in the hands of the client or potential client, which defeats any intention to cause an impact on them.

With something useful, it is ensured that the corporate article will be in the hands of the recipient for a long time and therefore can reach more people.


Being at the forefront of what customers demand is very important for brand positioning, and considering that technology is part of today’s society’s day-to-day corporate gifts that respond to it tend to work very well.In this line, we can mention storage devices, custom, and accessories for technological inventions.


Closely linked to the issue of usefulness, it is necessary to mention that corporate gifts must be of quality. For something to last, it must be manufactured in durable and resistant materials, suitable for the product to fulfill its function.

Do not confuse the concept of gratuity with a lack of quality, especially when it is a gift as part of the marketing strategy.

We know this, and we have corporate gifts that respond to each of the needs that your company can present. Take into account these tips and your customers, potential customers and suppliers, quality gifts, useful and appropriate.

In this regard, another point to consider is that cards of this type represent lack of effort. The reason? A gift should not be merely a detail, but an emblem to consideration. The principle is fundamental: giving is giving. And it does not matter if in the end the gift like it or not, because surely soon it will be replaced by another. The fundamental thing is that it is significant and that it remains a memory of you giving something special to someone special.

Eye: anything that has your company logo, is not a gift.

If you are going to give

  1. In order of importance, these are the main characteristics of a great gift: considered, trying to obtain, expensive and substantial.
  2. Say no to gift cards or coupons “valid for a hug”.
  3. In the end, employees appreciate more than giving them a day off; while investors want to perceive higher profits.


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