Few Things That Always Happen At Indian Weddings

Indian weddings are no less than a festival. They are full of fun, emotions and sometimes, totally bizarre. There are so many things that happen at Indian weddings can sometimes knock the breath out of you. There are even some things that happen which can make you laugh till your guts hurt. The whole event goes on for four to five days with so much of celebrations that involve family, friends as well as relatives resulting in having a gala time. But, there are some things that are common in usually all the Indian weddings which are noted as quintessential… Here are some of them which are fun by all means…

Meeting People You Don’t Know

It’s a common thing about Indian Weddings that there will be people who know you, but you don’t know them. The weddings India are not at all popular for being uptight. Plus, parents will be introducing their kids to large number of family members as well as relatives.

Food is the most important thing

Indian weddings are all about good food in so many varieties and cities like Delhi are known for their food. There are many banquet halls in Delhi that offer special spaces for dining that includes attractive displays for deserts making them even more tempting. People usually attack the food even before they have wished the bride or the groom.

There will be Money Flying Around

It is kind of hard of believe that it is an Indian tradition to throw money on someone as a way of giving blessings. This is a very common thing to find in Indian weddings.

Dance Competition between both the sides

Dancing is the main essence of Indian Weddings. Nowadays not only people gather on the dance floor to dance but there are proper performances given by the families of both the bride as well as the groom. They compete with other as well as tease each other through their dance.  To keep up with this trend the wedding venues in metro cities like Delhi, Gurgaon, Mumbai etc. have added separate stage areas for dance performances. You can view the pictures & videos of few amazing wedding venues in Gurgaon.

Enjoyment through Cards and alcohol

Last, but not the least, it is one more way to enjoy during weddings. People love to play cards and having alcohol with friends and some cousins in Indian Weddings. After all the rituals and ceremonies, all the family members come together to have a good time and play cards.

Post Author: Clare Louise