Fashion Recommendations: Wearing Watches

In most cases simple things, we enjoy using every day, have their own secrets. It turns out pretty often we don’t know a lot of interesting details about the stuff. And when it comes to fashion trends we need to figure such points out before we are called old-fashioned. That’s why the experts of Cattifly would like to tell a few amazing facts about watches we include into our wardrobe so often. Are you sure you wear them right? No, we don’t mean the hand or the part of the wrist you put them on, but the concept itself. Let’s make sure there are no mistakes here.

Researches show watches appear in 96% of outfits. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer formal, casual or sports clothes. You can wear watches will all of them. But according to Cattifly, you need to remember “the rule of the same style”: formal looks with elegant watches, sportswear with casual or sports ones. In case you add a sports watch to an outfit with a business suit it won’t point to the fact you like working out. The detail will reveal your bad taste instead. And vice versa. If you try to match a sports outfit with a glam watch, don’t be surprised if someone says you look silly. Right, this year fashion is fond of experiments. But there are still some basic “laws” you shouldn’t break. The one about the style of a watch is on the list.

Moreover, there are a lot of questions regarding the most fashionable watches of 2018. What models will help to rock the party this year? If you are searching for a prom variant, the guys from Cattifly recommend to stake on graceful sterling silver or retro options. They look cute with almost any dress or charming silk jumpsuits. Need a watch for casual outfits? Take a closer look at the collections with geometric cases and leather or textile (even denim) belts. In case the model will be decorated with watercolor elements, polka-dot accents or neon inserts, don’t hesitate to buy it – you’ll get a must-have of the season.

Although fashion appreciates personality, don’t hurry up to experiment with the shapes of the cases. Of course, you can find heart, drop or flower offers for the feature, but the experts of Cattifly assure round, rectangular and square models are still favorites in 2018.  So continue testing new ideas within your style, however let it be something connected with clothes, not with the shapes of the watches you wear.

Have you learned anything new about watches you always used like a toothbrush? We hope so. And, finally, we believe there will be no situations when you choose a bad model of watches after reading the article.

Post Author: Carol Gilmore