Fashion 101: Stylish Pieces Fit for Any Age

Women have always been taught to look their age. In fact, over the years, numerous trendsetters around the world have been shamed for the type of clothing they have worn at a specific age. Today, women are simply reclaiming what has been denied to them and now, they look at age merely as a number. With most individuals looking younger than they really are, more and more designers are urging people to dress up according to their body type.

Some of the women who refuse to live up society’s expectations include the ever-famous momager Kris Jenner, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, Cher, Carine Roitfeld, Daphne Selfe and many others. It seems that one fashion and style philosophy these women uphold is investing in classic designer pieces. Not only do these last for a longer period of time, these also pair well with most of their clothing options.

Various stores and corporations have been looking to make an edge in the fashion industry, leading to sartorial options and trendy outfits that go as quickly as they come. Despite major brands coming up with new collections left and right, there are some clothing choices that flatter and fit every shape and size, no matter what age. Here is some apparel that work well for all women:

Linen Dress

Looking good and feeling great does not need to come with a price. With the unpredictable weather, it is important to always feel fresh, clean and presentable. Through breathable fabrics like linen, you can finally wear pieces that are stylish, versatile and every bit as luxurious. With a lot of professional womens designer dresses online, it is quite impossible not to find clothes that fit your personality and lifestyle.

Pair your linen dress with espadrilles or even a pair of white sneakers. Opt for daintier designs such as polka dots, ruffled details or even puffed sleeves. With these in your arsenal, you can channel summer all year long.

Structured Coats and Blazers

Having a structured piece of clothing does not necessarily equate to using thicker and harsher fabrics. As a matter of fact, let us take a cue from stylish French and Scandinavian girls who live for low-key breathable fabric all year round. Despite being in sunny Italy, these women are not at all afraid to wear linen coats and blazers.

Highly absorbent and with crease-proof properties, these linen blazers make for a great tailored look. Made in natural and earthy hues, these garments can certainly be taken from day to night.

The White Shirt

Whether this is paired with jeans, a mini skirt, a pair of shorts or sleek tailored trousers, a perfect button down is your way to go. Designed to address multi-functional concerns, this elegant blouse will definitely be a wonderful addition to any wardrobe. Paired with sky-high heels or a comfortable pair of sneakers, this can make you effortlessly chic everywhere you go.

Include these fashionable pieces in your closet to dress up like a model. Since these ladies dresses options fit any age, you are guaranteed to look and feel your best at all times.

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