FAQ On Buying Pearls

Pearls are known for their ethereal beauty. There are various shapes, sizes and colour to suit different personalities and occasions. Naturally, there are a few standard questions that come up in an eager customer’s mind.

  1. How many types of pearl are there?
  • South Sea pearls range from milky white to dark gold. They look good as strands or statement pieces.
  • Tahitian Pearls are from the warm coast of Polynesia. They are black to grey, with green and purple overtones.
  • Akoya Pearls are the demure white pearls from Japan. They are perfect round with a smooth surface.
  • Freshwater pearls or baroque pearls are the most widely available and used in jewelry. They are irregular in shape.
  1. What are the things to keep in mind when you buy pearls?
  • Luster – This makes the pearl milkier.
  • Complexion – The surface has to be blemish-free and clean.
  • Colour – Avoid pearls that are dull looking.
  • Shape – It could range from round to Baroque.
  • Size – It ranges from 10mm to 20mm.
  1. How to maintain pearls?
  • If pearls come in contact with any acidic substance, wipe them off immediately with a clean cloth.
  • Wear pearls only after applying makeup.
  • Do not store pearls for long periods in a dry and airless place as this may dry and crack the pearl.
  • Do not immerse pearls in water. This loosens the silk thread.
  • Use proper boxes to store your pearl jewelry. While travelling, use soft cloth or silk pouches to carry your pearls.
  1. What are “cultured pearls” and “natural pearls”?

Natural pearls grow without human interaction. Human interaction gives us “cultured pearls”. Good quality “cultured pearls” are made available by pearlsonly.com.au.

  1. Are pearls good for everyday use?

Pearls get naturally rehydrated when they come in contact with our skin. So it’s best if you could wear pearls as often as possible. Only concern is, the silk thread gets worn off due to daily wear. This could be easily restrung.


Pearls, when properly taken care, have an otherworldly luminescence. It accentuates any outfit that you wear. Any occasion gets a thumbs-up, with pearls adorning your person.


Post Author: Edward Randall

Edward Randall