Fancy a new Rolex in 2019?

Maybe you’re bored of your old Rolex and the New Year has inspired you to make a change. Maybe you just came across the most stunning Rolex watch you’ve ever set your eyes upon and you’d like to exchange your old designer watch for it. Or maybe you’ve never owned a Rolex before and decided that 2019 is the right year to enter the dazzling world of luxury brands.


In any case, you’re on the prowl for the perfect reference and a good deal. Before you jump the gun, however, have you considered buying “pre-owned”?


A collector’s bargain


If you collect Rolex and other designer watches for a hobby, then buying pre-owned could work to your advantage more than you think. Indeed, when you buy pre-owned, you’re not required to shoulder the initial drop in the value of a luxury timepiece.


Since the price of most designer watches never decreases beyond a certain glass floor, you’ll actually be able to sell the watch you buy this year at any time in the future with no losses. If you like switching things up in your collection of Rolex timepieces, then this is possibly the best option for you. You can always exchange older models for new ones while saving (and sometimes making) money at the same time.


Pre-owned “brand new” Rolex watches


Even if you’re not a collector and you’re buying your first Rolex this year, it might still be worth considering a pre-owned watch. Not only will this help you spend less, but it will also give you access to a wider variety of references, some of which would otherwise be out of your budget. After all, investing in a luxury watch is slightly different from investing in gold, for instance. This subtle accessory will accompany you through all manners of old and new experiences, which is why you want to make sure you love what you buy.


When it comes to Rolex, in particular, you actually don’t have to worry that the watch you buy will look worn. If you want a timepiece that looks brand new, simply filter your search to pre-owned items that are tagged as such. These watches were likely never worn and look as if they’ve just left the retailer’s store.


Forums vs. authorized dealers


When you buy pre-owned, there are two essential questions you must ask yourself. What is the Rolex that you would love to have the most and where will you be able to find it? There are a great deal of dedicated forums operating online to put sellers and buyers in touch, but these websites do nothing in the way of authenticating the items or vouching for their condition.


If you’d like a bit more security to go with your purchase, then you could consider browsing through authorized dealers such as Watches Of Wales. Unlike forum operators, authorized dealers verify the authenticity and condition of each watch they choose to re-sell. Furthermore, they offer a warrantee for the duration of one year or more so that you can rest assured that, should the watch you receive be flawed in any way (not specified in the advertisement), you can return it in exchange for your money.

Post Author: Clare Louise