Everything You Need to Know About Black Pearls

Black pearls are relatively a new addition to the world of pearls. It was just in mid 1900s that they gained attention and popularity. However, now these exotic fresh water pearls are valued across the world, and jewelry designers and fashionistas use them a big deal.

Black pearls are even known as Tahitian Pearls since they are primarily found in the islands of French Polynesia in Tahiti. Besides, the name black pearl doesn’t mean the pearls only come in black color, and in fact they come in a variety of dark colors. You can find black pearls in dark charcoal grey, iridescent peacock, regal green and deep black colors. Now, since these pearls come in a variety of shades, many loose pearls are needed to make one single strand of black pearl jewelry.

Why black pearls are considered so unique?

There are many things which make black pearls unique, for instance the way they are formed. Pinctada margaritifera, the black lipped oyster is the natural host of black pearls. The reason for the black color is because the nacre it secretes is dark in colour, and not regular glossy white. However, black pearls are even formed in white pearl producing oyster that has black colored nacre, but it happens only once in 10,000 pearls.

Next, black pearls are unique because they are much larger in size than other pearl varieties. Its sizes can range from 8 mm to 16 mm or even larger.

Wearing black pearls

Unlike the white pearls, black pearls are not very easy to match with all outfits. Keeping their dark luster color and big size in mind, it is recommended that you wear them on formal occasions only. However, if you have a black pearl pendant and matching earrings, you can wear it with formal office outfits.

Nevertheless, if you have a single strand necklace of black pearl, you can wear it with a black dress, black skirt or some casual blazer.

Black pearls are also surrounded by many myths and beliefs. It is believed that they radiate positive energy and protects the wearer from evil. Some even say that they have healing powers and bring good fortune. Well, to summarize it can be said that everything about black pearls is good and there is no doubt about it that it looks stunning. So, if you are planning to buy some pearls, do check out black pearls.

Post Author: Carol Gilmore