Enjoying the Best Part of the Spa Experience at Home

Let’s face it, spa days can be hard to come by. You just simply don’t have the time to drop whatever you’re doing and while away your time in a mud bath, followed by a deep tissue massage, and skin-nourishing facial. There are too many responsibilities taking up all of your time.

The office, the kids, chores around the house, you do it all and there’s no end in sight. A vacation is out of the question because your schedule is booked solid through next year and maybe your financial situation isn’t exactly making it any easier to get away.

But a spa day sure would be nice right about now. A little time for yourself to reset and relax, let all of the stresses of the day just melt away into oblivion while you find a repose and center your thoughts towards calm comfort. Maybe reclining by the pool in one of those plush, cuddly spa robes they give to all the guests.

Even with those lovely massages and revitalizing therapeutic skin treatments, the spa robe might be the best part of the visit. You get to recline and relax wrapped in pure luxurious comfort with not a care in the world.

Yup, if there’s one thing that makes those visits to the spa fully enjoyable, it’s those spa robes.

But what if you could bring that feeling home? The good news is you can.

How to Choose the Best Spa Robes

Maybe you don’t need that facial or that manicure, you can do those things yourself. What you don’t want to live without is the fully satisfying comfort that you can only get from wearing one of those spa robes you can find at the finest hotels, resorts, and spas. It’s not fair that you can only enjoy that type of high-quality opulence while you’re on vacation or spending a day at the spa.

Well not anymore. Spa robes are now available for use at home. Walk around the house or apartment in the same top quality luxury and pleasure that is typically reserved for special occasions. Believe it or not you have a multitude of choices available from a myriad of manufacturers who are all claiming that their spa robes are the most inviting, the most comfortable, and the most affordable.

The trick is to find out which of them are telling the truth and which of them are not and that means doing the research for identifying the precise robe that can actually give you the best part of the spa experience at home.

It starts with finding the robe that has been made with the highest-quality materials. Spa robes are comprised of all types of materials but the ones that really bring home the feeling of the spa experience   are those that exemplify extravagance and luxury.

To best achieve those ends, you want to choose the softest, most supple, and delicate of fabrics that are designed for one thing only – your full and complete satisfaction. Let’s begin with the outer shell of the robe, you certainly want that to be comforting with a texture that is cozy and merely hints at the softness inside.

Wouldn’t you want the exterior shell of your robe made from a fabric called doeskin? It just evokes the very thing it describes, the warm, soft, gentle fur of a baby deer, curled up in the grass on a warm summer day. Shouldn’t that describe your robe to the letter?

Just in case you’re wondering, no this isn’t a robe made from the fur or skin of a live baby deer, it’s the nom de plume of a special type of brushed microfiber that has been engineered to emulate the tender malleability of one of nature’s most mild and delicate creatures.

The outer shell is only part of the equation and while this portion of the robe may exhibit total comfort and quality, it’s what’s on the inside that really counts. If the exterior aspect of your luxury spa robe is this soft and inviting, what must the interior feel like?

The best spa robes are those that bring a high level of familiar warmth and satisfaction but also a functionality that makes them ideal for use in just about any situation.

For that you need to go with a lining that is comprised entirely of the plushest, warmest long loop terry cloth, a material that brings not only soft comfort to your skin but provides a method for absorption of moisture. Considering this is supposed to be a spa robe, that wetness can come as a result of any number of things but this absorbing quality would make your robe the perfect choice for anyone who plans to sit in the hot tub or take a swim. You might even want to wear it after you step out of the shower.

But even more critical in your quest for the ideal combination of materials with which to create the perfect robe, you want them to remain entirely lightweight and prevent you from getting too hot while wearing it. There’s nothing worse than lounging around in a soft robe and sweating while doing it. That just defeats the purpose and you wouldn’t want to walk around the spa or your home in a sweaty robe.

But doeskin and terry cloth are both lightweight fabrics so you won’t feel as if you’ve been swaddled in a bunch of thick blankets. These materials work together to provide you with absolute comfort that keeps you cool in warm conditions yet has enough thickness so you can stay warmer than if you were wearing nothing at all.

Considering what defines the ideal spa robe experience, that’s a crucial balance that must be achieved.

That robe exists and you might realize that’s it a lot easier to find than you think. All it takes is a little bit of research and you will find exactly what you are looking for.

Post Author: Mari Snow

Mari Snow