Eight Awesome Tips when Choosing Jewelry Pieces for your Big Day

Getting the perfect jewelry should be part of your wedding plans. It is one way to add glamour and glitz to your big day. You will need jewelry to complete your outfit and add the final touch to make you shine. From wedding ring sets to bridal bracelets, necklace or earrings, there are various ways to accessorize your bridal gown to stand out. When choosing jewelry pieces for your big day, consider the following guide:

Pay Attention to your Dress First

You will need to take care of your wedding dress first because you will just match your jewelry with it. Just hold of the additional details later once you know your gown’s finish and style. You don’t want to wear a statement necklace when you pick a dress that has an asymmetric neckline.

Choose Bridal Jewelry that is Slightly Understated

This is to ensure your dress highlights your outfit. You want to prevent your jewelry to upstage your gown. Also, consider how your photographer will take your shots. Wedding day shots can feature your hands so make sure you wear a simple but attractive bracelet. Also, you can consider wearing sophisticated drop earrings to have an awesome up-do. You can keep your style looking fashionable and glamorous by going for timeless classics.

Think about your Skin Tone

You will need to consider your skin tones to choose which metal to use. For instance, gold or silver is perfect for a lot of skin tones. Try various options against your skin and don’t hesitate to get advice from professional jewelers.

Consider Adding a Pop of Color

When it comes to bridal jewelry, it is okay to wear colorful pieces to liven up a classic neutral color palette. Your gemstones can be matched to your wedding details like a shade in the table pieces or in the bridesmaid bouquets to try your theme together.

Remember that you Don’t Have to Match Everything

While you want to avoid clashing ages and colors, a lovely heirloom piece, given by or borrowed from a friend, could look amazing alongside a modern classic. If you own a pair of pearl earrings that makes you feel you’re on top of the world, don’t hesitate to wear them. Sometimes, less is more so pick the conventional earrings and bracelet combination and go for either silver or gold accessories; however, not both.

Consider the Future

Although your wedding gown can only have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to shine, your bridal jewelry must be something you can use again and again. Make sure you pick timeless pieces that look elegant and stylish with any outfit. Selecting versatile pieces of jewelry will make sure they are destined for your jewelry box beyond your wedding day. MYEL Design has great options for you to choose from.

Take it Easy

Pulling off the perfect wedding dress is already challenging and you must not allow your choice of jewelry pieces to bog you down further. Just pick diamond for your earrings and a necklace you adore. You don’t want to ruin all your effort as you choose your bridal gown with too many gaudy pieces.

Consider what Makes you Feel Comfortable

Keep in mind that you will be wearing your jewelry pieces throughout the day so make sure you choose those that feel natural on you. You want to avoid losing focus on your wedding day just because you are trying to fix a hairpin again and again. Try out some pieces and ensure you are comfortable with them.


Post Author: Clare Louise