Don’t Repeat These Wedding Catering Mistakes: Do You Want To Feel Embarrassing!?!

You still regret that in your wedding food was not of best quality as you expected and you don’t want the same mistakes repeat in your son’s wedding. You remembered that how embarrassed you felt that time when guests said you it happened in weddings giving you sympathy but in actuality they were also cursing themselves about why they attended the wedding. It feels so shameful when something an eventful happened that the caterer you hired cancelled the contract unfortunately without giving any reason.

Wedding is one time affair and you want it best without repeating the same mistake for your son’s wedding. There are many mistakes you must not make but only one can destroy the whole event. So here are the mistakes that you must avoid at any cost.

Number of guests: guests gathering size always affects the serving size of food. It is your mistake if you don’t give the approximate number of guests to your wedding caterer. So always tell the approximate right number to your caterer provided approximate right quantity of food trends can be catered.

Serving style: serving style also matters. So decide what kind of serving style you want to have in your wedding, whether it is by waiters’ serving or self served; sitting style or buffet style. The serving style hugely impacts a wedding.

Caterer’s reliability: you should be ensured of your caterer that he/she is available on the final day of your wedding. Get the last minute confirmation. Sometimes it happens that hired caterer cancels the catering services because of some reasons. Though it rarely is the case. Discuss and talk about your wedding menu with the caterer also and get the signed contract by him. If anything uneventful happens from the caterer’ side, deal accordingly.

Budget: talk about budget to your caterer at first rather than paying the bill at the end. If you do so, it will be in your favor. Budget thing should always be discussed at first hand provided both you and your hired caterer go happy mind.    

The above mentioned are the wedding catering mistakes that anyone must definitely avoid at any cost if they want their weddings happy go lucky affair. And if your wedding is any time soon in future, you can book a wedding caterers in Jaipur for your wedding. Book best, professional and experienced and get the wanted quality.

Post Author: Paul Petersen