Different Fresh Ways of Styling T-Shirts

Today’s T-shirt culture is stronger than ever. 

With minimalism at its height of popularity, more and more people invest in these plain and simple clothing pieces that can be worn in so many ways.

But, graphic T-shirts are also in high demand and those who consider themselves T-shirt connoisseurs pay an outrageous amount of money for them. This is one of the reasons why top fashion houses frequently launch a new line of graphic tees.

Statement T-shirts are also popular. Many consider them a fantastic way to display their personality without having to speak. Plus, they make excellent conversation starters.

Indeed, T-shirts are awesome. It’s no wonder most people have a huge collection of them and also consider them as their favorite items of clothing. If you are also a big collector of T-shirts and you want to get the most use out of them, listed below are styling strategies that you can use.

For Oversized T-Shirts

  • Cinch it at the waist.

Make the shirt look like a tunic with a waistline. You can use an obi, layers of skinny belts, or even a fanny pack to emphasize the curve of your midsection. Pair it with skinny jeans or tights for an autumn-ready get-up.

  • Use it as a layering piece.

Wear a long-sleeved blouse under a big Afro T-shirt for a tastefully layered top. And, to give it a more polished look, roll up the sleeves of the shirt complete the ensemble with a pair of trendy wide-legged pants.

  • Accessorize it with pins.

Give the shirt a bit of a steampunk vibe by accessorizing it with different kinds of pins or brooches. A lot of women enjoy giving an oversized shirt the look of a blouse by lining up pins or brooches from the center of the neckline down to the hem. Meanwhile, others like to pin the sleeves to alter the shape and size of the top.

For Slim Fit Shirts

  • Turn them into fake crop tops.

If you enjoy showing a bit of skin, wear an elastic headband around your waist and tuck the hem of your slim fit shirt under it. It creates a festival-ready top that you can wear with a gypsy skirt, distressed jeans, or shorts.

  • Tuck the sleeves into the shirt.

Since slim fit shirts often have short sleeves, you can easily turn them into a sleeveless top by tucking the sleeves into the shirt. You can secure it in place with a bedazzled clip or a colored strip of velcro.

  • Wear a silk scarf around your neck.

This is an old French styling trick that a lot of people still don’t experiment with when they want to wear a slim-fit shirt. Wear the silk scarf like a choker, and leave the ends flared on the side for a super-chic look to your T-shirt get-up.

T-Shirt Style Considerations

It’s important to note that T-shirts are not created the same. They generally have the same silhouette, but they can have different details that make them more figure-flattering for some people or, more professional than casual. 

For example, the collar may be wider on some despite the similar rounded shape. Or, the T-shirt fabric may look more luxurious than regular cotton. These little nuances can have a significant impact on how nice the fit will be on certain people.

So, if you want to make sure that the shirt you want to buy would look truly nice on you, take into consideration the following style differences:

  1. A more open neckline, especially on a plain white shirt can create the illusion of a smaller face, and a slimmer frame. You can go for a wide round-neck, or broad and deep U or V-neck, or even an open Henley neck. The key here is to reduce the amount of white color that can make you look bigger.
  2. If you have heavy or thick upper arms, opt for a shirt with a drop shoulder design. This will make your frame look narrower. Likewise, go for a shorter length of shirt so as not to exaggerate your shape.
  3. Shirts with a sheen to their fabric create a more professional appeal. So, if you want to wear a regular T-shirt for a comfortable office attire, invest in tees that have a satiny or silky finish. You can pair these more easily with your office skirts and structured trousers.
  4. A shirt sewn using the draping technique does not look as boxy as regular shirts. Therefore, if you purchase one that is oversized, you have infinite possibilities in styling it because of its narrower hemline. You can wear it as a dress and zhoosh it up by topping it with a cropped denim vest or wear a midi pleated skirt for a semi-formal ensemble.

T-shirts never go out of style. So, if you are all about wearing the heck out of them through the changing seasons and years, hopefully, the creative styling strategies shared here help.

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