Cool gift ideas for teenagers and tweens – Your ultimate gift buying guide

Whether the ones for whom you’re going to buy gifts are on the brink of their tweens or are right at the middle of their teenage or are about to graduate from their high school, teenagers are usually tough to buy for at any single point of time. They are at that particular age when they’ll always find a reason to meet the present with either a murmured thanks or a shrug. Later on, they put it high on a shelf since they didn’t actually like it. According to them, you gifts might have just gone out of style or it’s not their type. Although stores like The Irish Store offers you enough options for choosing some of the latest and trendiest gifts, yet you might want to know some of the best and the coolest gift ideas for teens and tweens. Here are some that you may take into account.

  • The Skewb Ultimate

The Rubik’s Cube is all grown up now and it has got a modern twist to it. The Skewb Ultimate is a 12-sided and 12-color spatial challenge which has been invented by its designer Tony Durham. The idea behind this is based on the same concept as the classic puzzle which means you have to twist the sides in order to mix the shades and solving the puzzle includes getting a single color to take up every side of the cube. But this grown up version of the Rubik’s Cube rotates in every direction. When you’re not playing with it, you can also use it as a conversation piece and keep it in a bookshelf, coffee table or nightstand.Image result for Cool gift ideas for teenagers and tweens – Your ultimate gift buying guide

  • Ears for Music – Cat theme pair of headphones

How about upgrading your tween’s headphones and giving her Brookstone’s extra-cushioney pair of headphones which lets her listen and hum to all here favorite songs while she’s on her own or when she’s enjoying with her group of friends. There are in-built speakers and once you use the switch to utilize the speakers, the ears of the headphone will soon start working. These are more popular as hipster headphones.

  • Brik Books Macbook Cover

How about transforming your tween’s or teen’s laptop into a nice piece of art? You can give her a click-on laptop cover which can soon become the foundation of her latest Lego creation. The teen can also use his siblings’ old building blocks to design an 8-bit masterpiece or get them design a cover. This can be a good option for a teen who has a tough time committing to one design and he can also update any time he wishes to.

  • Recording microphone

Does the teen have serious ambitions in the musical field or love to sing with karaoke? If answered yes, you can give him a recording microphone which is fun to use. The full-size microphone can be plugged into your smartphone and can be used to record speeches, vocals, instruments and other sounds.

Therefore, if you’re about to attend a birthday party of some teen or tween, you may take into account the above mentioned gift ideas as they’re surely going to please them.

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