Choosing the Right Tie for your Dress Shirt

When it comes to choosing a tie, it is important to know your dress shirt first. Know the kind of dress shirt you will be wearing the tie with, whether it is solid or patterned.  Also, is your shirt light or dark in color? After giving considerations to your shirt, you will start looking for the matching tie to buy. Use the following guideline to help you choose the perfect tie for your dress shirt:

When Wearing a Solid Dress Shirt

If you are looking for a tie for a solid colored dress shirt, pick a solid or patterned tie. Thus, if your shirt is light in color, pick a tie with a complementary bold dark color. If your shirt is dark in color, choose an analogous or light, complementary colored tight.

When Wearing a Patterned Dress Shirt

Matching this kind of dress shirt is a bit difficult. You have to match your tie’s color to one of your patterned shirt’s colors. But, it can get trickier if you are looking to match with a patterned shirt. It is just important to make sure that your tie must be darker than your shirt so that it won’t pop too much. Also, ensure your shirt’s pattern proportion is not the same as those on your tie. For instance, a shirt with small check patterns should be matched with a bigger or thicker striped tie.

With the many kinds of ties available, choosing the right one that matches your shirt can be overwhelming. You can even find ties like a denver tie that represent certain places. The most important is to choose one that makes you look and feel good. Fashion does not have to be about what people think. It has to be about you and what makes you feel happy and satisfied.  


Post Author: Clare Louise