Choose the Best Crystal Gifts for Every Occasion

Have you ever noticed that you are constantly looking for the right gift to buy? Between birthdays, weddings, christenings, anniversaries and a host of other special occasions it may seem like you are running out of ideas. It certainly gets harder every time.

Fortunately there is a huge range of crystal gifts which can be purchased to fit any occasion. With a little inspiration you will easily find the right crystal gift for that special person, or people in your life.

Wedding or Anniversary Gifts


These are actually some of the easiest, assuming you don’t need to pick from a list. You can choose virtually any crystal gift idea which is for their home. It symbolizes the start or continuance of their life together as a couple.

Good examples are vases, glasses and even crystal glass ornaments or salt and pepper shakers. Better still, you can have the items engraved!



The traditional gifts at christenings are silver, a silver spoon, or rattle, perhaps even a photo frame or birth certificate holder. These are all excellent ideas. All you need to do to make it distinctive and more personal is add a few crystals and an engraving. The proud parents are sure to be delighted and it will be treasured forever.

Her Birthday


Crystal gifts were made for her birthday. All you need to think about is what she likes the most. Jewelry encrusted with crystals is generally very well received, providing the style and size corresponds with her existing items.

Another option is crystal glass ornaments; these can be in virtually any shape and are certain to take her breath away.

His Birthday


Men are notoriously difficult to buy for but most men will appreciate a beer glass made from crystal glass. It will quickly become their favorite evening accessory. Of course, if they are not beer drinkers then wine glasses or whiskey glasses and a decanter may be a good option.

As an alternative you can also look at men’s jewelry. In general the crystals will need to be small. A tiepin inset with one small crystal can look fantastic and prove to be one of the best crystal gifts you have ever given!



A housewarming gift needs to say welcome to your new home and neighborhood as well as congratulations, your house is wonderful! That’s a lot for one gift to say! This is why you need to turn to your crystal gifts selection. A crystal glass ornamental piece, fruit bowl or any other item which is useful round the home is likely to be well received.

The fact that it is made from crystal glass will not go unnoticed.

Business Gifts


You may sometimes feel it is important to give a gift to a business colleague or a competing firm. These can be difficult as you do not want to appear like you are currying favor. However, you also need to purchase a quality gift which will show you value the business relationship.

The best way of achieving this is to purchase a crystal glass office related accessory, such as a pen holder or letter opening. This will set the right tone and be gratefully received.

Post Author: Regina Gibson

Regina Gibson