Choosing the Right Tie for your Dress Shirt

When it comes to choosing a tie, it is important to know your dress shirt first. Know the kind of dress shirt you will be wearing the tie with, whether it is solid or patterned.  Also, is your shirt light or dark in color? After giving considerations to your shirt, you will start looking for […]

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How To Dress And Look Like A Dream In Your Anarkali Dress

 Anarkali dresses can be anything from a dress-like designer wear that incorporates a long-drawn-out frock, which creates a flowing silhouette. Though they vary in type, material, and design, the upper part of Anarkali comes under the chest. Therefore, the rest of the dress appears to be ‘flowing’, often to the knee area. Your Anarkali can […]


Save Money Investing in Luxury handbag consignment online

People in the US and Canadaspend handsomely ondesigner clothes, quality shoes, high-priced cosmetics, costly accessories, bags and handbags and other items. After use they either throw them away, some gift them to businesses for cash. There are companies which procure these items, and they sell the products to other customers online or offline. Style icons […]


  Why linen clothes are good for summer?

When the sun is shining high, weather is getting hotter than ever, we can feel the nature around us coming back to life with tiny steps, we can see and feel the heat, which brings us summer. Temperatures are getting higher, so it is very important to stay as cool and hydrated as possible. We […]


Why Kurtis Are Special?

Kurtis are becoming most preferred choice of women now a day. There are many comforts, making them to choose kurti in almost all occasions. Kurti is a fusion of Indian tradition and fashion, givinghomely, comfortable and posh look. Reasons behind kurti’s specialty? We love to get maximum value for money, this is the main reason […]


Top 7 Saree Fabrics to Wear During Festival Season

What are you wearing for upcoming festival season??? Indian wears are on full flare during this beautiful time of the year and nothing can match their charm and allure. There is no doubt in the fact that sarees are the most stylish and popular traditional women wear of Indian culture. The long nine yard drape […]


Smart Look Comes From the Idea of the Beauty

The time when there was no fashionable clothing for sale above size 42 is fortunately over. On the contrary: at many ‘normal’ stores you can also shop the latest trends in larger sizes. But how do you choose the right outfit? Buy Shape wear Take care of good shapewear and wear it under your clothes. […]


Where To Buy Makeup Lipstick In Malaysia?

A lipstick is totally able to enhance the looks of women after the makeup. Even if someone is applying lipstick without makeup, the beauty will be enhanced. There are many types of lipsticks available and e-commerce websites are the major source to buy these products at affordable prices. Lots of people are using such websites […]

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Home Makeovers Made Easy

Are you someone who gets bored of your home decor very easily? If yes, welcome to my world. We spend a lot of time looking at the decor of our home and hence we are bound to get enough of it very easily. But can we actually change the décor of home every 2 weeks? […]