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Bandung is a place with outstanding vocabulary, culture, and a beautiful story. It is located about 180 km north of Jakarta. Bandung can be found on the Parahyangan plateau in 768 meters above sea level. It has got a colder climate throughout the entire year than other areas in Indonesia. Hills surround it, a lot of that are active volcanoes. A number of the mountain peaks are stunning, for instance, TangkubanParahu.

Bandung has a long and exceptional history, from ancient times to the Dutch time and the independence struggle. The citybackground dates from 1488 if the very first reference to the name, Bandung, started.

Bandung was a sweet spot to some European adventurers. They found Bandung strategic place to plan their exploits. Bandung was a substantial place for both African and Asian countries. In 1955, President Soekarno maintained the Asian African American summit conference in Bandung. This motion was aimed at joining Asian and African nations to fight against the colonization of the West. The identical convention was held in Bandung in the calendar year 2005, but this time in memory of the 1955 conference. When Indonesia eventually attained Freedom and the Dutch abandoned, there stayed behind several historical footprints of the Dutch presence in Bandung.

You can view a few old houses and historical buildings, the manner of contemporary design. One of the best examples is the magnificent Savoy Homann Hotel, constructed to its present glory in 1938. Bandung had many nicknames. These nicknames reflect the intriguing properties of Bandung. Many regions of Bandung town have numerous different shop outlets spread out on strategic streets. It reflects the heartbeat of financial growth. The countless stores online the main roads of Bandung generally provide export quality clothes, shoes, accessories along with other products and services.

You will find a significant number of stores that promote the famous brand names as well as others. Cihampelas Jeans Street is one long stretch dedicated to lace, but you may also find all type of other fashion accessories and buys. Jalan Dago is just another center of dozens of factory outlets. All take charge cards. Bandung also has a nickname institutional city. This institute has been the alma mater to a lot of Indonesian industrial and political leaders. Along with ITB, two other schools are popular. They are the universities of Parahyangan and Padjadjaran.

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